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Canno's First Attempt At L.O.S Paired With A Thirst For Knowledge


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Hello my 420 fam, I really did not want to start this journal yet but I oh how I miss having an active journal of my own.

Here's the thing, I stated that I'm wasn't ready to start this journal yet because this journal is my attempt at organic l.o.s but I still have to wait for my soil to cook. I can however start listing what i will using and throw a few pics in of my current grow while we are start this train rolling.

This will be an indoor grow.

Space: 3x3x7 grow tent

Lighting: four 2' t5s and two LED strips for veg and 600w hps for flower.

The light is air cooled and vented outside via a 20inch canfan carbon scrubber

Environment..winter avg 75day/65night
Summer 85day/65 night.

I do live in a humid area but I can usually keep it manageable.


I am starting with a promix mp base and adding

Bone meal
High phos bat poop
Oyster meal
Kelp meal
Alfalfa meal
Epsom salt
Worm poop
Red lava rock for them to breath[emoji6]

I will be feeding water and some teas

I think I'm going to try horsetail fern teas and malted barley teas but I don't really know what to use those two I just see used a lot by a fellow grower I respect.

I also just ordered a vermicompost bin and some red Wiggler's for my attempt at worming.

I really don't know shit about this but im willing to try and willing the be tough so I hope you all take a seat and help a brother out.

I will be posting pics soon


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You don't have the link in your sig yet,,, But I'll be driving thru.

GL and Keepem Green


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Some of my bday gifts I got today


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Ok so In the morning I plan on mixing
3.8 cubic foot of pro mix
1.5 lbs bone meal
1.5 lbs high phos bat poop
1.5 oyster meal
1lbs kelp meal
1 cup alfalfa meal
1/4 cup Epsom salt
1/3 cup espoma garden like
2/3 cup azomite
13.3 lbs worm poop
1/3 cup mycoz
1/3 cup azos
And 1/2 cup gypsum

Does that sound like an alright mix after I cook it?

I just ordered vermicompost bin so will be farming some red Wiggler's for some compost and my black gold malted barley teas and horsetail fern teas....

I also have some chocolate mint and spearmint and some organic chia seeds that I could use to make teas but I don't know how beneficial they would be


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Oh yeah I forgot the first run of ladies I run I think will be atomic diesel from feral genetics [emoji6] [emoji106] but I was thinking about purchasing some caramello from delicious seeds and darkstar from THseeds. Has anyone grew those strains yet and if so can you give me some tips on if they respond well to topping and pruning


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I know I could have just went with spanghum peat instead of promix but I already had a bale on hand.....

Does that mix sound ok to you... it's a subcool recipe that I broke down and added gypsum

Mix looks solid, Canno! Good choices!!
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