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420 Magazine Seeking A Volunteer For Spambot Moderation

Teddy Edwards

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When we introduced the new software for 420 Magazine at the start of this year, the number of spambots declined markedly. However, as our SEO rises rapidly, so we are again being targeted.

Spambots are sometimes human, often automated "members" which flood the forums with usually meaningless posts full of Asian or Far Eastern characters, or promising to solve marital or sexual problems. Some are capable of automatically making dozens of posts in a few minutes. They are scum.

We have sophisticated blocking mechanisms, however as often is the case, the enemy is often a technological step ahead of the market.

Our small team need a volunteer to help us catch and clean up these pests. We pride ourselves on keeping clean and tidy forums full of positive 420 Magazine vibes.

The ideal volunteer will have a posting history already here at 420 Magazine, be able to reliably dedicate two or more hours a day and be in the Central or Eastern European time zone. We are looking for a volunteer who will take this role seriously and behave professionally, maintaining the standards which we expect from our 420 Magazine staff.

Training will of course be given. The new software has made banning the bots a quick and simple process.

Please, only established members who have a review-able and violation-free post history need apply.

If you can't commit the time, haven't been a member very long, or have not been signing in frequently, please wait a cycle, participate more, and apply next time.

Ask questions if you have them, tell us why you're the right person for the job, and please post your application in this thread or send resume and cover letter to humanresources@420magazine.com

Thank you for actively supporting our mission. :thanks:


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be able to reliably dedicate two or more hours a day and be in the Central or Eastern European time zone.
I'd guess that the time would be better spent if it could be broken down into smaller chunks throughout the day? Takes a couple minutes or so to glance at subject headings of threads, but they might get posted at intervals. It does seem that much of it occurs in the overnight hours (when it's daytime in Asia and people are at work - just saying).

BtW, are you seeing much in the way of spambot posts as replies to existing threads? Those would take a little more effort to track down. It's a shame that the New Posts search link doesn't show individual posts instead of threads. As it is now (and I suppose is, in general, on Internet forums?), we can hover our mouse cursor over the thread title and see the first bit of text and/or image in the thread, but that appears to only be able to show that for the first post in each thread.

Whoever you eventually decide to choose for this position, they already have my appreciation!


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They almost always post a new thread, it's a no brainer really. The new software allows you to click on one of their posts twice, to delete all of their posts and ban them as a spambot. It's really a piece of cake, takes 4.20 seconds to delete a hundred spam posts from a spambot and ban them. Two clicks, that's it. The issue is having people around the world in all timezones watching for them as they occur, so we can get them real time, before they post a bunch of threads..


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To be fair it seem i always seem to see them pop up in my time zone (london). I always try to report them if i see it. Dont have a real computer or laptop though lol. I shall continue to do what I can though


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I'm up all hours, more than willing to help the community. Saw the attack last night and this AM with the Oriental universities. Say the word.

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Oh, I'd be willing to provide a contact #, I know I'm kind of new. You could vet me over the phone if you like.
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