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Sniff sniff sniff sniff: What y'all smoking on?


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Bonjour 420 crusaders.
So pretty self explanatory.
Show us what lovely, sticky, dank goodness you are currently chuffing, vaping, dabbing, eating.. Hell even if your drinking it, share with us.

Im currently smoking a fat dooby of purple stardawg.
Now I do roll EU style so i use a tiiiiny bit of tobacco but seriously its far less than even if you smoked a blunt. If it was a ciggarette and not rolling tobacco think like 3 cm off the top of it and i put about .7 of a gram atleast in a doobie .Not a one of my friends can smoke my doobs cos they die and I cant smoke theirs cos they make me feel sick and get headrush.

The purp in this taste like its from a purple haze. It has that old familiar almost floral taste in the back of your nose then when you breath out the stardawg gets ya. Ive been smoking more than usual cos I havent had anything really great. Got this in and my god shes sorted me right out.

So show me what you got people!!!!
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Hash Plant, Blueberry Hash Plant, C-99? White Widow and 2 outlaw strain in rotation now. Power Plant, Cheese, Critical and 2 more outlaw strains coming to a rolling paper near me.
My guy jackalopes got it popping off. Sounds like you may have some big yielders aswell. Have fun.


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