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Rabbits, dear, and others


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when doing an outdoor grow, when u first put plants out that have vegged for say 6 weeks with lst, how do u keep away dear and rabbits? should i use blood meal and fish emulsion around the plant, or use some kind of screen? what do u guys do?


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I have heard to use bar soap to keep deer away.. rabbits just put a short screen around the bottom... its a little less obvious than a huge one to keep deer away.. lol


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i plant in corn fields but i pee around the area as much as i can when im planting them and then i take a box of moth balls and i throwthem in all different directions away from my plants and it seems to keep the animals away, although im sure it being in the middle of tons of other edible plants really help lol


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About the blood fish an bone meal.... I used that on a geurilla grow and something kept digging the plant up. The plant was still in tact albeit a little stressed but personally I wouldn't use blood fish n bonemeal.
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