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Recent Changes In MMJ Laws?


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Hey all
I was wondering if someone could catch me up on what changes have been made in the Mi MMJ laws/bills in the last 6 months or so, regarding both patients and caregivers. If I understand it correctly, the "only flower is covered by your card" deal is over, and we as patients can once again carry/have edibles, concentrates and tinctures. I also heard something about them clearing up the whole dispensary debacle?

also, I read a post from January talking about the state wanting to stop home growing and just have 10 huge licensed production facilities. Anybody know if they realized that was the dumbest idea since pet rocks or can I still mail my congress person to stick it to... I mean explain my position on the matter. (JK, not sticking it to anyone. I dont wanna give the other side ammo by calling up and raising hell... Until I have enough info/ammo of my own hehe :allgood:)

any info would be appreciated! :peace2::rollit:

Stay Red Eyed, Smiley, and Live Life Irie!


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The new law is in effect come December. It allows dispensaries to operate as long as a city gives the ok. Dispensaries, growers, concentrate, and edibles are supposed to use a delivery service from their establishment to the dispensary. That's the gist, but more too it. I memorized those bills. Hopefully a new vote comes in 18 and changes things.
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