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Regor: Clones From Clone - Here We Go Again - Bubba Kush


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Mother Kush was just about ready to go into flower, so I picked my time to grab some clones.

8/22 Fri: 4 Clones taken @ 8am. Rockwool soaked in Olivia's Cloning Solution @ 6.0 ph, 320ppm. Used Olivia's Cloning Gel on cutting. I grabbed the best two I could from near the bottom of mother, but she wasn't very thick at the bottom, so I also grabbed two from closer to the top. I am keeping track of which are which, so we shall see if the old advice of grabbing clones from the bottom vs top holds true with this mother.

Almost two weeks later on 9/03 Wed: New growth has taken off in the center, she must be getting some roots going. The fan leaves themselves held up real good after two weeks in the dome with minor misting.

9/04 Thurs: Roots coming out of the Rockwool, time for a more permanent, temporary home. Friday: Planted 3 clones in solo cups with FFOF 70%, 30% Perlite. One clone is lagging behind the other 3, so I left her in the Rockwool. I chose clear solo cups, as I'll be watching the progres.

Mother is almost two weeks into flowering and exploding with growth, but that's my first journal ;)

I'm hoping with one Veg growth under my belt, that this Veg will go a little smoother, and now I can apply some new techniques to these three clones to maximize growth, especially focusing on LST, SCROG, SOG,,,, we'll see where it goes.

One root coming out of the side of the Rockwool:

My blue solo cup of one clone.

The three clones, enjoying some real soil:


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Two clones are doing good, roots and leafs are growing away. Time for a watering tonight, which also means pictures.

The double cup when watering was an interesting experiment. I noticed when I planted the clones in the clear solo cups, that even though I watered them heavily, not all soil was wet. The double cup let water get through the soil, but then when it ran off, it filled up the 2nd cup and allowed the internal soil to soak. Once the second cup was removed, the solo cup drained well enough.

When I placed the second clone in the cup of runoff, it soaked up the water from the bottom just like a sponge. Still gave it some more water from the top till it also soaked, removed from the second cup, and also drained off the extra.

The clear cup is letting me know that the roots are growing strong, white, and looking for water.

Giving them some time before transplant into their larger home, all depends on the amount of root and vertical growth.

Still not sure what to do with them. Seeing that two clones are progressing, I will probably treat one to a heavy dose of LST, and the other.... not sure ......



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Gave her a good examination tonight after a drink of some RO 6.7 water :2:

Thinking of giving her and her sister a transplant tomorrow, as the roots are at the bottom, and just starting to wrap.

Plus, I don't want to start doing any training (LST, Scrog,,,,) till after a transplant, and even then I need to give them a few to get over any transplant shock.

The question I have, and something that has really been bothering me is the Rockwool. I've read plenty, and most have stated to just do the initial transplant from Clone -> Rockwool -> next larger container with Rockwool intact -> next larger container. What bothers me is that while the soil dries out, that Rockwool is made to HOLD water. For two weeks while cloning, the Rockwool never dried out. Is this Really healthy for there always to be some medium (Rockwool) always wet during the grow?

It probably scares me more to think about taking the Rockwool apart while transplanting, but I want whats best for the babies.

Thanks All !!



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9/21/14 Bubba Kush Clones

8/22 - clones taken - placed in rock wool
9/5 - clones transplanted into solo cup
9/15 - clones transplanted into 3 gallon planter

..... and today .....
Time for a water, and pics.
Temp: 79
RH: 56



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9/22 Clone wars

They got a drink tonight, and a few pics.

Clone nicknamed "Green" is starting her LST tonight, I hope she's a good student. I forget the name of the technique, but the goal is to train her to run around the rim of the planter. I'll try to hunt down the technique and give credit where it is due (I did not create this LST - only applying the method).

Clone nicknamed "Red" is just a standard grower, not sure what I'll do with her yet. I may just make her a healthy mother, then create a SOG with her clippings. Time will tell, we'll see.

Enjoy the pics.



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Clones are doing good. Had a nice healthy drink last night.

Big height difference in the round LST (Green) vs the grow for the stars (Red). I think it may be time to start a SOG with big Red, keep a two week SOG going for a while.

The girls ... Red and Green

Around she goes

Yum ,,, Corona

Yes, Red can have some Corona also

Back home


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Clones are no longer little kids, but juveniles lol

Big height difference in the round LST (Green) vs the grow for the stars (Red). Same clones, different growing style. It's fun when things are going okay and you can experiment.

The girls ... Red and Green

I'm looking to do some trimming on "Red". I've added a few arrows on the next pic, looking for advice. Cut at "A" or "B" or both, or neither? Red is the tall one that will be my Mother moving forward (I will be pulling clones from her in the next week or so). Green is the low spiral grow that I am going to flower when she is ready.


Around she goes ..... "Green"



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10/19/14 Clones

The clones are appx 6 weeks old now, and "Green" is getting really bushy and thick.

She got a slight trimming today and some more LST to keep her down and going in her circle.

Both "Green" and "Red" got their first introduction to minerals today with 5 ml of Cal-Mag added into their 6.8 Ph'd water.

My DIY cloner is put together, and I planned to get it running this week. The first clones to be put in use will be coning off of "Red". Once my initial plant has been harvested and the tent thoroughly cleaned, "Green" will be going into the flower tent.



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Spent some time today working on "Green".

Drilled thru the planter near the top and installed an X made of plastic covered poles - to hold my baby down while she continues to play along with LST. To give you an idea of her size, the poles are 20 inches each. She was just getting too wide to continue tying down to the planter, and I'm continuing her LST.

A good shot of the poles I am now using for LST:

The red line is the curve of the main stem:

More "Green" porn:



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She got a good watering today, which also means pictures.

She's appx 2 months into her grow, and I'm just about ready to put her into flower. I'll clean her up a bit, let her recover from all the LST she's had, and also catch up on her nutes. I fell behind on her initial feedings, and got some damage to old growth, but new growth seems just fine.

YEP, she's LOW, and WIDE ;)
AND her main stem is almost doing a 360 degree turn

I tied her down a bit more today, pinched off a few growths, cleaned up some old fan leaves that were blocking new growth, and tucked a bunch of leaves under to allow light to penetrate.

Enjoy the pics ...

A Clone of a Clone, coming to life via my DIY cloner:



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Yes - it's a 4' x 4' tent, and it's getting crowded. It holds my aeroponic cloner, Big Red and Going around Green (both Bubba Kush female clones) ;)

And YES - those are JUST 2 40w CFLs.... Yes, I'm thinking to myself, Veg is being really nice to my electrical bill ;)
Gonna step up real quick here as soon as I break out the big boy to go into flower ;)

Green is my seriously LST thats goin around in a circle. I gotta get her into flower, but I'm in the middle or rearranging my grow area.

Red is the straight grow that is my mother, and I'm using her for clone duty.



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Red and Green
Watering day -
6.9ph, 4 ml DG Grow, 3 ml Cal Mag

Got a picture of the girls together. They were taken as clones on the same day, so they share a birthday lol

Big Red - mother who has produced numerous more clones. Recently toped her, as she's just getting too tall.

Green - same age as Red, just a lot of LST going on, and getting ready to put her in flower soon. Her canopy is pretty thick, and will need trimmed soon before flowering. There is a 12oz soda can hidden down in her growth, to give you an idea of size and thickness.



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Looks like fun is being had. I have a little mainline ,manifold what ever yah wanna call it going on in my veg cabinet. Not sure if it will work out or not but it is fun experimenting only when you have stuff in reserve.

If you don't mind I might pull up a chair and keep in touch.

Good grow-en.


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No pics, but I did flip the switch and put her into flower yesterday. It's a clone off a known female, so other that going hermie on me, she should have a good 8 weeks of flower, and harvest after the new year ;)
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