River Banks?


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I have a lake house in alabama and was wondering if a river bank would be an ideal place for a plant, I am asking this because i had a friend get some KILLER bud from a guy and it was called river bud, any help is greatly appreciated, oh and planting near a bank would i need to worry about anything eating or damaging my plant?
Here's a little trick I learned over the years...if other weeds grow well there...like burning nettle for instance...MJ will grow well there too. And close to a water source is good too. Just not too close...i.e. soggy roots.

Other animals are attracted to the water too...deer, rabbits, humans. Keep that in mind and use camouflage.

Let us know how it comes out!
^yes water has alot to do with it...bad water...your plants health will be in danger

sure a riverside would be a cool place to grow....something i will never do though...because if theres a river...thats where all the animals in that area will be most concentrated at and your plants are highly likely to get eaten
in my lifetime whenever ive walked down a riverbank be it contaminated water or fresh water there is ALWAYS signs of animal life...tracks, plants with partially chewed leaves from herbivores, carcauses..there are signs of animal life everywhere you go be it the city or the river bank...you may not notice these things unless you speciffically look for them. I on the other hand do look for them for the reason if theres a large concentration of plant eating insects or herbivore mamals in the area i know not to plant my seeds there...knowing what to look for takes time and practice..usually the most usual sign of life along a river bank is feces, or marks on the sides of trees...usually nobody ever notices these things thats why it takes time and patience but mostly experience to know what you are looking for
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