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All kinds of great information to be found in here. Thank you all for sharing your wealth of information!

Although I am working to the DIY version of organic growing, like a lot of people I am starting out with the pre-packed stuff so that I can ride the learning curve a little slower. Anyway, I was hoping someone out there in 420 land might have some experience using the products and be willing to share your experiences and the schedules that you have adopted. I'm slowly working my way into the full line but its becoming more and more of an experiment so I'd like to simplify things a bit and focus more on understanding how components work together. Microbes, soil, growth, etc. Also curious if anyone has any experience with vermicompost.


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When you are working with a specialty line such as Roots Organic, you are always best served by exactly following the manufacturer's feeding chart recommendations. Only they know best how to use the product they designed, and allowing yourself to be guided by some self proclaimed online guru instead, is just asking to get in trouble.
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