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What's so special about seeds from online places... I always grew from bagseed from the bags I got from the local dealers... since I can get like 22different strains around here.

I have never really had problems getting seeds to germinate so I have never ordered from online and I have this fear of getting ripped off... I wouldn't like that much in fact I'd be very sad if it happened....

anyway I can easily get variations of some sweet smelling purple stuff this real earthy smelling dark green shit with brown hairs everywhere and some resin, silver haze,and this extremely dark green shit thats black in places... it was pure black domina but It's been cross pollenated with some other shit and yeah anyways "its the best around it's always gonna take you down"


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Re: seeds??

That's my breeding program,
mid-west/N. KY. bagweed seed just regs to mids,
can't find any good Med strains around here.
I did just pickup a blueberry clone :)

The ones that weren't good indoors got culled and enjoyed :)
Those pheno and geno types that did well inside got breed and saved.

I bough from a seed house to get Known/Good base strains.


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Re: seeds??

The differance between seedbank seeds and bag seed could be described by compareing the differance between a species of wildflower compared to the same species cultivated over time to induce higher quality . While it is true that bagseed grown to its fullest potential will most likely be far more potent than the bag it was grown from , the differance between bagseed potentcy and highly cultivated (seed bank ) strains is astronomical. Either way , growin' your own is far better than haveing to buy it.
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