SFV Ghost Cut


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Strain Name: SFV Ghost Cut

From: From a grower that has been holding on to this cut.

When: Dec 21 2012, dooms day

Grade: A

Type: Indica / Sativa

Price: Free Sample

Looks: Medium-dark green buds with nice brown hair , very dense and very frosty

Smell: all pine

Taste: Tastes smooth like only real og can

Buzz Type: Straight head high

Buzz Length: Long – the buzz lasted for 3+ hours.

Best Medicinal Use: pain relief

Overall: One of the best og's i ever smoked. best head high where i was still able to function and def took away leg pain that I have been having the last 2 weeks.

Sorry for Ugly PICS, camera phone !! BOOOOO


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I had the Sfv og that won a cup and thats good og and I had some ghost og but not together. I prefer the taste of the ghost og and it has better bag appeal but the high was equal
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