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Ello all. So I've decided to start a grow journal because I'm still very new to this and would love some feedback.. pictures included were taken today before lights off. 18 days old , light schedule is 18/6. Will be getting a 2x4x5 tall grow tent . Will be getting a better full spectrum led grow light.. but for now, how am I doing so far..

Bucket Size - will be attaining a 5gallon
Medium - Soil (will be upgrading to better soil soon)
Lights - Incandescent-style LED bulb(for now)
Nutrients - Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow A&B
Strain(s) - unsure
# of Plants: 1
Yield : TBD


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Looking good

I'd suggest a taller tent, 5' is pretty short considering 1' of pot height, 18"-2' of light area, not much left for yer plant

5' is fine for just veg, but dosent leave much height for flowering

Also, remember, a light is your best purchase if your planning on growing awhile, even a cheap viperspectra or Mars are way better than light bulbs

Good luck my friend
This is the light I'll be getting. Reviews on it are good.


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With having one plant, and the 2x4x5 tall.. I'm hoping I can rig up a hood to focus the light downwards .. probably just one.
It's a bulb

I'd get a real grow light myself, but, to each his own
Grow lights aren't cheap. I'm tryna be as cheap as possible without sacrificing much.
Use yer closet, no tent, and get a real light, you will thank me later
Bah. If using my closet was an option, I would but rigging stuff up in a closet.. kinda tricky. Circulation.. figured a tent would be best.
Yes, but you will need 4-6 of those at least, if you want some buds to talk about.
I grew as economic as I could, believe me, you will need more of those bulbs.
It is used to support a plant in a dark corner not to make it grow and bud up (that is what you need)
So maybe instead of getting 4 of those for 10$ a piece.. get something a bit bigger?
Right, I saw the Kanuckistan exchange

If you can't afford that yet, go with basic CFL bulbs

Can get them real close and work pretty decent for veg

Save yer pennies and get a real light before flower time
Oooooo maybe look at T5 lights

Those are pretty cheap, I started with that in Veg, did great, added a few CFLs for added light later in veg
Kanuckistan.. that your way of insulting Canada haha
Ok, what is your budget for the whole grow?
What have you bought so far?
We start there and then we talk lights

What she said
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