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Sick plant


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Hello.. It's my first time growing so all the info in here is a bit overwhelming. I did look up my problem by myself but the pics of the sick leaves i found weren't quite similar to mine, so i figured might as well ask here and be sure.

My plant was growing fine until i added 2 more lights to it (24W), the second day the bottom leaves looked sick. Here's a couple of pictures showing the leaves and the setup. What i gathered from reading online is that it might be nitrogen deficiency but people are saying this happens in later stages. I water it once every 4 days approximately, i make sure the top is dry enough. I haven't added any extra nutrients yet, it just got the ones that came in with the soil.. Anyway, any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

Oh and only one of the plant is doing this.




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Welcome to :420:

What is the PH of your growing medium? Always check PH first. 6.0-6.8 is best for soil. 6.5 is ideal. If PH is ok, then add nutes. If PH is too high or too low, fix PH and see if the problem continues. If yes, add nutes. If the problem stops, PH was the issue.

And more light = plant can use more nutrients. It could be a coincidence, but it makes perfect sense. You gave it more light, so it was able to use more nutrients, but the nutes weren't available, so it uses what's stored.

How old is your plant?
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