Special Delivery: Marijuana Packages Mailed to Prattville


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Heard the one about the guy who tried to send 20 pounds of marijuana through the mail?

Autauga County Sheriff Herbie Johnson said his office was contacted earlier this week by deputies from San Bernadino, Calif., about the shipment.

The packages were sent from California to Prattville, where they were delivered under the watch of narcotics investigators from the sheriff's office, the Prattville Police Department and the federal Drug Enforcement Administration.

One package was sent to an address in Prattville and the other went to an address in the county, said Capt. Joe Sedinger, chief investigator for the sheriff's office.

Authorities arrested Daryl Donnell "Talk" Gardner, 35, and Dwight "Shy-D" DeRamus, 35, both of Prattville. They are charged with trafficking in marijuana and are being held in the Autauga Metro Jail under bonds totaling $160,000, courthouse records show.

DeRamus is on parole for a previous marijuana-related conviction, records show. Authorities are working to revoke his parole.

Agents seized 20 pounds of marijuana, with a street value of about $20,000 and about $11,000 in cash, Sedinger said.

The investigation continues, with agents back tracking the packages to their source in California.

"A K-9 officer was searching the Fed Ex shipping facility in California when he found the packages," Sedinger said. "It's not common for us to intercept drugs like this, but it does happen occasionally."

Last year, Prattville police had a case where about 8 pounds of marijuana was shipped to someone using a local hotel room.

The pot seized this week was put in plastic freezer bags, then vacuum-sealed inside another plastic bag. The plastic bags were then covered in wedding, birthday and Easter gift wrapping paper.

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Pubdate: 2 December 2006
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