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starting over


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yes u become lazy on weed-----my new first grow I killed 6 good plants my first grow---I am growing with Wreckage feminized seeds--200 buck for 10 seeds--my 2 plants there over 3 weeks old are growing right--I was way over caring to much water then 2 much light---I have 540 Watt from Growace-- I us Scotts soil----have a bunch of helpers miracle grow etc. --you get what u pay for ---paid a 1000--bucks -----------the light is top notch it is working great OH did i tell anyone that i am a retired Boston Police---------------- my accident made me retire---------- after my accident I had some nerve damage in my leg----long story short I use to take more pills than u can imagine now I smoke pot and all my medical problems are gone-----------------------

-------------------------------------------TA DA------------

I will send pictures later tommrow
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