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Someone gave me a plant they had that was in veg on a 24/0 cycle. I had to keep it ouside for a couple of weeks and the much shorter days forced it into flower ( even though it was at like 16/8) so I cut my clones promptly. They rooted and are now under 24/0 again, they were growing fine at first, but I've noticed that the leaves comeing out only have one blade on each leaf; which the mother has been doing also because she has stayed outside all this time, and as the days got longer she reverted (very slowly though) back to veg. My questions are; Has anyone ever seen or heard of this; Is it just stress or are there other factors; will this hinder my harvest or flowering at all for that matter; should I scrap them and start over (they look really healthy otherwise)?

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Re: Stress!?

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