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Summer of Love 40th Anniversary - Sept. 2

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
The Message in 2007

Truth and individual freedom. Freedom of expression. Creativity, love and respect for all things. Freedom for an individual to make a choice - sexually, spiritually and socially. The right to be different and still belong. Honor in refusing to fight without judging those who did. Our right to make a difference. Our right to think independently. Our willingness to share with others.

Moby Grape reunion (all original members)
Country Joe McDonald
Taj Mahal
Lester Chambers (from The Chambers Brothers)
Canned Heat
Lydia Pense and Cold Blood
New Riders of the Purple Sage
Jessie Collin Young (From the Youngbloods)
Banana (From the Youngbloods)
Jerry Miller Band (from Moby Grape) featuring Tiran Porter (from the Doobie Brothers), Dale Ockerman (from the Doobie Brothers) and John (Fuzzy) Oxendine (from the Sons of Champlin)
Michael McClure, Rob Wasserman, Jay Lane and Ray Manzarek (from the Doors)
San Francisco’s First Family of Rock (TBA)
Brian Auger
Dickie Peterson of Blue Cheer
Chris and Lorin of the Rowan Brothers
The Alameda All Stars (from Gregg Allman Band)
Terry Haggerty (from the Sons of Champlin)
Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks
George Michalski - Pete Sears Dueling Keys
Freddie Roulette
Ron Thompson
The Charlatans
Leigh Stephens (Blue Cheer) and Greg Douglass (from Steve Miller) and Pete Sears (Jefferson Starship) and Melissa Olsen
Essra Mohawk (from the Mothers of Invention and Jerry Garcia Band)
Brad Jenkins
Barry “The Fish” Melton
The All Night Flight featuring David Denny and Steve McCarty (from Steve Miller), Jack King (from Cold Blood)
Merl Saunders (supporting the effort)
Squid B. Vicious
Charles Lewis - Harmonica
Jim Post (Friend and Lover, Siegel Schwall Blues Band)
"Hair Reunion" Original Cast
Long Feather - Flute
Fayette Hauser and the Cockettes
Terrance Hallinan (former SF DA)
Stephen Gaskin
Cindy Sheehan (political activist)
ruth weiss (Beat Poet)
Richard Eastman and Dennis Peron (marijuana initiative)
Lenore Kandel (Beat Poet)
Paul “Lobster” Wells (MC)
Dr Hip MC (Eugene Schoenfeld)
Artie Kornfeld (Producer of Woodstock)
Wavy Gravy
Mouse man (Bagpipes)
Scoop Nisker
David E. Smith (Haight Ashbury Medical Clinic)
Bruce Latimer (Bruce Latimer show)
Rabbi Joseph Langer
Bruce Barthol (Mime Troup)
Doug Green (MC)
Howard Hesseman (schedule permitting)
Benjamin Hernandez (Harts hands and Elders)
American Indigenous people’s, Agnes Pilgrim and 13 Grandmas (schedule permitting)
Lakota War Pony’s and Harry Riverbottom (Chippewa)
Merle Tendoy (6 th generation of Sacagawea ) Shonie
Chief Sunne Reyna
Albert Tenaya
Iroquois Tribe
Dakota Tribe
Jeff Jolly
Emmit Powell and the Gospel Elites

Many more artists are currently in discussion for appearances at the event. We are not able to pre-announce certain San Francisco heritage musicians that may have been listed previously due to their having other gigs within the usual 60-mile/60-day blackout areas.

Summer of Love 40th Anniversary - 1967 -- 2007
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