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While trimming my latest grow, I noticed some of the smaller buds on the lower branches had some seeds embedded in the middle of the buds. I guess I had some hermi action with really noticing it during the grow. It didn't degrade the buds as they are killer, lots of resin and smell great. These plants were second generation clones so there is no way a male could have fertilized them. I did notice some unusual leaf patterns on one plant but really never saw any male flowers, he must have been hiding in there someplace. The question I have, if I germinate these seeds, could they produce normal plants or should I chuck them? I wonder if they would produce hermi's too. I am going to really clean my room in case some stray hermi pollen may be floating around. It must have been a very small male flower as I only got about a dozen seeds off of about 8oz of bud. So what do you think? This was my first hermi problem.
Not sure that you had a hermie, but could have been her last effort to carry on her genes so she made a few seeds... Keep them and plant them and see how they turn out..I always love finding a seed or two.... If I don't know their genes then they go into the overgrow jar of seeds, that will one day be spread around outside... :peace:
Thanks for the reply Be Irie. Yeh I liked finding the seeds and considered it a bonus, but am glad there wasn't any more than there was. I'll germanate them to see what they look like. Its kind of ironic, I was wishing I had taken a clone from this strain to keep it going as it is some sweet smelling, good pot. Now I should have plenty of potential for future grows of the same strain if they turn out OK.
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