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T12 bulbs


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If I'm not mistaken they are very similar to t5's and as far as lumens' go it's a very marginal upgrade from them..

Correct me if I'm wrong?



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What else do you have in there? 4 t12's (the highest lumne output I could find was 1980, at 40 watts) 7920 lumens? 160 watts? You could do better. I couldn't locate a color temp on any of the t12's I looked up. Do you have this specific info? From what I could find, you could do much better.

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Yeah dude I did some research and went and dropped a 120 bucks at Home
De"pot", and bought some T8's. They came with these kick ass 10'' chrome reflectors, I will have the pics in my journal as soon as they are approved. I went from under 8,000 lumens to 12,000 and lost 32 watts in power. Thanks for the input ya'll.
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