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T5 2ft 4 Lamp Fluorescent HO Bulbs


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I have two of these in my grow room and I wanted to know if it was enough for seven plants
It might be okay for vegging about 3 plants :hmmmm: and it will give you buds in flower but they will be small and airy :11:

I started with CFLs and a couple 4 ft T8 HO, but like I said about 3 plants and not so big buds

Then I switched to a few tents and HIDs and it's a huge difference

Here's the CFLs about 850 watts.....

And here's my 1000 watt HPS

BIG...HUGE...DIFFERENCE :snowboating:


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If I added a 2000 W full spectrum light with that help or be too much
It would be a good start... definitely not too much considering that most LED systems sold by the watt do not actually put out that many watts... always check to see what it actually pulls from the wall.


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I veg 4 plants under four 4' foot T5's with reflectors and I can only veg them for about half their size. I veg the other half under CMH and then switch to flower once at the size I like.
My answer to your question is no.
I would say you would only veg one plant per light fixture. Or 2 small plants per fixture.
If you are going to try to flower with them. I suggest you stick with one small plant per fixture.
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I have 2 fixtures each with 2’ four bulb lights in there right now the T5 and I have seven plants I ordered a third light will this help
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