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Tea for my lady

Julie Gardener

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Here is a good start...a little bit of a read but worth the knowledge for your ladies... :goodluck:

Good info here...Compost Tea.

and...MrSoul's Guano Tea Method


1 Gallon of water
1 TBSP of guano (for a flowering mix Bat Guano - for a more general use fertilizer you can use Seabird Guano.)
1 tsp blackstrap or sugar beet molasses
Mix the ingredients directly into the water and allow the tea mix to brew for 24 hours. It’s best to use an aquarium pump to aerate the tea, but an occasional shaking can suffice if necessary and still produce a quality tea.

Some prefer to use a lady’s nylon or stocking to hold the guano and keep it from making things messy, but the organic matter the manure can contribute to the soil is a good thing. Using this method you are getting the benefits of a manure tea and a guano top-dressing all together in the same application.

4 gallons of water
1 cup of fine ground alfalfa meal
1 TBSP blackstrap or sugar beet molasses
After a 24 hour brew, this 100% plant-based fertilizer is ready for application. Alfalfa is a great organic plant food, with many benefits above and beyond just the N–P-K it can contribute to a soil mix or tea.

The alfalfa tea recipe described can be used as a soil drench, and also as a foliar feed.
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