Tennessee: Medical Marijuana Supporters Prepare For 3rd Johnson City Rally

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A planned rally in support of medicinal marijuana is expected to draw hundreds of people to Johnson City on Saturday.

This will be the third rally organized by 24-year-old Seth Green. He expects supporters from Washington, D.C., North Carolina and throughout Tennessee to attend and show who would benefit if medical marijuana is legalized.

Seth Green and other medical marijuana supporters marched through the streets of Johnson City back in November. They'll be doing the same this Saturday - hoping to attract the attention of Tennessee lawmakers.

Green believes medical marijuana could be the answer to finding relief from his ailments. "I have cerebral palsy, early signs of multiple sclerosis and seizures," Green said.

He started the series of rallies more than a year ago after Tennessee Representative, Sherry Jones, introduced a bill to allow medical marijuana. He thinks the state could needs to act now.

"If we don't do something about it now - more people will leave Tennessee and there will be job losses, and there will just be more deaths," Green said

But Sullivan County's District Attorney Barry Staubus doesn't see it that way. "I think that it's often just a way to get a foot in the door to full legalization, and my other concern is that - it seems to me - the smoking is a less efficient way to use the drugs that are in marijuana to treat somebody for medical problems," he said.

Green believes using medicinal marijuana would take less of a toll on his body in the long run. While Staubus respects that, he still believes it opens a door for broader problems. *edit*

Supporters plan to gather at two Saturday in the Johnson City Farmer's Market. Green says they'll begin rallying at three.


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