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The aeroponic vegetator - Increase your yield per year!


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I will keep the 5 pages of story telling for myself and I'm going to be short and to the subject.
I created an aeroponic system that allows you to grow your plants for their first few weeks and then move them unharmed and with no shock to any other aeroponic system or to any other medium you prefer.
This way you can grow your clones(or seeds) for the first weeks of their life in a small space using only one light and then being able to transplant them into a bigger “production” system.
Running the vegetating system in parallel with your main crop allows you to prepare the next crop. So by the time you will be cutting the colas, your next crop is already a few weeks old. That means that each crop takes a lot less time to grow. This is simple math and will use a graphic to explain(credits go to my gf for photoshopping skills).
This graphic represents my setup, before the vegetating system and after it:
The outcome is obvious, instead of using the Aeroflo 60 for the entire flower cycle of 49-50 days I ended up using it for 28-29 days. So instead of getting 7.42 cycles/year I got 13 cycles/year. That is 75% more cycles per year. So no matter how much you are able to get out of your aeroponic system now, adding the vegetating system to your setup will increase your output by a lot, in my case 75%. This is no bs, you don't have to add a magical nutrient to your tank, you don't use special air shipped from the purest mountains and nothing like that, you simply get more crops/year.

Technical details:
Low Pressure Aeroponics
120cm x 120cm x 50cm
64 x 3” netpots
40L water tank
1 x 30-50W water pump

I can't show you whats inside it, the technological details are patent pending so I don't want any big corporation to lay its paws on it. However I will show you some pics/videos with it:


The idea is that now we have the possibility to keep the roots separated in a pure aeroponic setup. I know some of you don't use SCROG or SOG, people use their bubble buckets for example and they don't need to vegetate 64 plants in a square meter for 3-4 weeks, this system can be created to support 16-24 plants in one square meter for a longer period of time, 5-6 weeks or more.

A site will be up soon and with your help I will be able to show a lot of great feedback to retailers everywhere.
Please post your questions, requests, thoughts I would be most grateful to answer. :thanks:
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OK so I'm new to this whole aeroponics thing, and just wondering if you could break this down into a more "dummy" friendly explanation lol. What exactly are you doing, or rather what is your system intended to do and how is it different from more traditional Aeroponics setups? Thanks for any help you can offer.


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I apologize my presentation is not explicit enough.
The normal process in aeroponics is to go directly from clone(or seed) to the main production system. So, in my case, I had 60+ clones moved from the aero cloner directly into the Aeroflo 60. The clones which are only a few centimeters in span and in height go from the aero cloner that takes about 80cmx35cm of space and a 100W neon, directly into the Aeroflo 60 that measures 3.25m x 1m and 3000W of hps lights. Which means that I would use 3000W and over 3 square meters to grow some little clones that need a lot less space and lights.
So not only that its not efficient to consume a lot of electricity and space but the greatest problem is that the main production system is occupied with some very small plants for the first weeks of growth. So essentially the main problem is the time that the Aeroflo is used.
The strain I use(a selected mother, Critical from Royal Queen) flowers in 49-50 days.
So the rooted clones got transplanted into the Aeroflo 60 and flowered 49-50 days in it. Basically by the time the Aeroflo finished one cycle the next one was rooted already in the aero cloner. So a crop would take 10-14 days to root and 49-50 days to flower, but effectively A crop would take only 49-50 days because the clones are already prepared by the time the current crop is harvested. So we have the technology to "compress" the time a crop grows in aeroponics by 10-14 days, that technology is an aero cloner, everybody can buy it from their local shop.
But I had to grow more with the same or less electricity, I didn't want to add more lights to harvest more.
I reached the peak on productivity per square meter already at 750g. So the only thing I could do was to "compress" the time even more. So that a crop would not take 50 days to flower.
Obviously the aerocloner managed to shorten the time by allowing someone to have the clones already rooted and ready for flower right at the time the present crop was ready to be harvested. But the next step is missing and I don't understand how no one notices this.
One night I had the idea to build an aeroponic system that would manage to grow the plants right after the aero cloner roots the clones, but still having the ability to transplant them into the aeroflo 60 unharmed. The only problem was the roots start to get tangled after the first week and by the 3rd week they start to resemble a thick rug, only its made of roots. So they could not be transplanted without tearing and harming the roots to the point that the plant would need 2-3 weeks to recover from a massive shock.
The breakthrough came on the third attempt to build a system that could grow 60 clones in 1 square meter for the first few weeks of growth with their roots separated from each other. I invented a special chamber that allows all roots to be sprayed by only a few sprinklers(so, the water is "common") but at the same time keep each root in its own special place, not meeting any other roots from proximity.
This aeroponic invention allowed me to compress the time even more, a lot more.
The cycle transformed into: 10-14 days in the aero cloner, using 80cm x 35cm of space and 100W of light => 21 days in the invention(on flower), using a 1.2m x 1.2m tent and 300-600W of light => 28-29 days in the Aeroflow 60 (on flower), using 3000W of light.
So effectively a crop would take only the time spent in the Aeroflo, wich is 28-29 days, because at the same time the Aeroflo is used the next crop goes from aero cloner into the invention(see graph with time) . Now a lot of you will say that exists for tens of years and its called Perpetual Growing. This is not Perpetual Growing, this is very different.
On perpetual growing you would take an 8 weeks flowering strain and set it on 4 different aero systems, so every 2 weeks you get a crop.
Or 9 week flowering strain and set it in 3 different aero systems so every 3 weeks you get a crop. Essentially you have 3-4 different crops on 3-4 different ages. The math goes like this:
You have 4 x 1sqm aero systems with 4x600W and you get a crop every 2 weeks. But in fact you get the same quantity over an year as using one 4sqm aero system with 4x600W because its essentially a bigger system split into 4 smaller ones. But you get the same quantity, the only advantage you have is the higher rate of harvesting, so you work more and you have buds "in hand" more often(the same quantity of buds).
What my invention does is actually compress the time you are using your main producing system by 3-4 weeks.
Running the Aeroflo 60 at the same time with the invention and the aero cloner (as seen in the graph).
The math here goes like this:
The aeroflo 60 grows a crop in 49-50 days, so in a year you have 365days and each crop takes 50 days. Thats 365/50 = 7.3 crops in 1 year. My efficiency is 750g/sqm on the Aeroflo(3m x 1m) so: 2250g/50days or 2250g x 7.3 = 16425g in one year.
With the invention introduced into the equation:
The Aeroflo 60 grows a crop in 28-29 days, so in 365 days I would get 365/29 = 12.58 crops, thats 2250g x 12.58 = 28305g.
I think the process is fairly simple even though it takes a lot of words to explain. I hope this little novel that I just wrote is better than my presentation :)).
If you have any further questions I would be glad to answer.


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This is what I call a cannamagician...excellant advise. If my calcs are correct turning stock are adding 35 % to the success when ranked against g/watt and revenue per gram. Like to make contact please!!! This insight is priceless... thank you!!!
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