The history of the Ducksfoot strain?


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Evening troops. I'ts just popped up on another thread and decided it needed its own agenda.
I've just thrashed Google for a while and the closest I got was
"It's probably Australian"
And the equally as descriptive...
"It's probably mostly sativa"

Does anyone know what "Ducksfoot" really is or where it comes from?

I've smoked some Frissian duck which is a hybrid of the above.
It was grown organically, outdoors.
Set in the beautiful, English countryside (manchester town centre or somewhere like that ) by a lovely grower I met on another forum.

It wasn't the strongest but it really was one of the most pleasant smokes I've ever had. Really soft and smooth smoke with a nice, light, uplifting high.
Can't remember the flavours but I remember the appreciation.

Only ever smoked 3 organic bits that I know of and that was one of them.
I'm a hydro advocate. The thought of properly watering plants terrifies me.
Just let a pump do it lol.
Hopefully you can get more interesting info. Great photos by the way especially the one in flower. Are they yours?

I probably will never grow it but I sure want to know more about it. If it is a Australian strain finding out more might be tough. There is another huge sativa plant from there that has little info. I forget the name now. It had mother or grand mother in the name I think. Them early Australian outlaw growers were some tight lipped people LOL.

The sativa strain may have ended up as Walkabout or maybe it was used in the making of it. Both the huge sativa and Ducks Foot were out around the same time when info was pretty hard to get.
I do know the seed bank that carried Ducks Foot also had that big sativa. I do believe it was in the late 1990's or early 2000 when these seeds were available in the catalogs.
Wally Duck/ Donald Mallard .. icmag.
Big sat, OMS old mother sativa, Mullimbimby Madness...
Old Mother sativa is the one I remember. Heard of o few of the others. It and Ducks Foot showed up around the same time in catalogs. I read so many in those days I don't remember which one it was. I do know I had all the Super Sativa Seed Club catalogs in those days. There were more so it is a toss up who carried them. Not even positive it was the same catalog but I think it was.
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