Regrowth: Growing Clones & Getting Stoned

If I run the GSC again I'll do some HST so it spreads out better.
Even though its said to be a low yielder I'm confident that it can best the MOB when trained better.
They've got some big buds under there. I'm a little worried about rot / mildew though.
If I can yield 8oz off of the four or something I'd be happy. It seems like a modest goal really.
That weight is totally within reach I reckon.
I just dodged a bullet with PM on my most ripe one. Luckily it was ready anyway and so was the H2o2 for the wash!
Airflow, airflow, airflow. We are growing flowers not leaves. Don’t be squeamish* if you have concerns about spores, etc. Pluck all the big fans first and see if it helps.
* I mean don’t be wringing your hands worrying about what is natural and what a plant needs, you know. Indoors under lights with fans, filters and de/humidifiers. All that philosophical stuff is all a bit moot when push comes to shove.
The MOBs are still transitioning to this beautiful purple color. Here's some eye candy until the next update.
chlorinated is ok. most of it off gasses in that open container. adding the airstone will nullify it faster. most plants can handle a little chlorine. some even like a little.

passive systems and hand watering are great with the one part version. don't stress over stuff that doesn't dissolve, just stir the stuff up good before feeding. the two-part mc system is designed for active systems.

your looking good. stay the course. there is a bump in the road about mid flower in mc, but it all works out if you don't panic.
I have put 1/4 of a Camden pill which made the world of difference for me; our water is has chloramines that this knocks out in 10 minutes. Was a godsend since I mix in 5 gallon buckets from tap, and the soil has NEVER had fungus gnats, bad bugs. When flushing I still do the Camden to kill the chloramines....
I'm guessing there's maybe 2 weeks left on the MOB and a month or so on the GSC?
I know someone will tell me to get a scope and check lol.

I won't have time for another full cycle after this one. Instead, I'll be vegging some girls for summer time and readying them for their life outdoors. I like to imagine they'll be huge because they'll have nearly 4 and a half months of vegging by the time they flower in august. I have a feeling the GSCs might not be great for our climate though as they wouldn't have time to finish. I have a few bags seeds that I've collected that I might try out. I need to start planning soon.
Decisions, decisions...
Day 49






The one GSC is still yellowing a bunch. :hmmmm:
If you zoom the last shot of the MOAB or the GSC you can see some ambers on the sugar leaves.
It won't be long now. Thanks for stopping by.
It’s a frost fest.
Hard to believe they’re on the same soil isn’t it? One looks so much further on than the other. Remember to check the trichs on the bracts before you get happy with the secateurs. The sugar leaves will amber up with any mechanical damage like your sleeve dragging across it, handling them at all, fans, knocking them about as we move them around. YKWIM.
It’s kind of a challenge (for me) to get them all the way without touching them too much. If I have to handle them I’ll try to hold a flowerhead from underneath if that makes sense? Lifting my hand up so I only touch the bottom of the leaves. Kudos to the inestimable @Amy Gardner for that tip.
I think you're pointing out that the one gsc seems further along than the other. @DonkeyDick, I probably deaded some pistols and trichomes while cleaning what I figured was mold off the fabric containers. Now I'm fairly sure it was just the microhorsies in the promix. I noticed it's growing back and I'm not going to stress about it. I'll wipe what I can reach and that's that. Also had a cola or two touching the side walls for a bit. Live and Learn.

Rewind a week or two... I tried adding some calmag for two feedings because the one GSC was yellowing a bunch. I went light and only did 7ml / 8L, lower than the recommended dosage of 5ml/G. The one already impacted seem to have worsened.

The greener of the two is starting to turn yellow and purple?

I've been slowly backing off the MC too but I'm probably still high (I am) at 11g/8L. Any recommendations?
Do I just ignore them at this point? You win a prize if you spot any cat hair.
The purple transition is normal with this cutting but I would love to hear someone experienced explain why the covered leaf was still green using facts and science. My journal doesn't get much attention so I'll just take a guess that the leaf surface stayed a bit warmer because it was covered and that the light not directly hitting it meant it could keep more chlorophyll. One of my smaller clones last summer never fully purpled, it was waxy and over fertilized.
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