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I've an ongoing problem with Thrips....this has been for over a year. Safer soap seems to help.....a little, but i never get rid of them entirely. I've bombed the room, thrown crazy chemistry at them....NOTHING.
Now they've found their way to the baby room, and they destroy a seedling in no Barneys "lucy" are goners.
How do I fight this effectively? Does anything work on the plants? How about the room? Not even the pest strips are helping


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grats !!


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Hey Chopper
I am not as knowledgable as many others in here but I used neems oil for leaf miners and Spider mites and had success. I don't know about the Thrips.
I loved your quote though " Dope will get you ......"
I think I first read that in Zap comics by eggs actly. Do you remember Zap ? :peace:
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