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Trimming Fan Leaves During LST


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my plant seems to be overcrowded and to bushy due to low stress training that its blocking quite a bit of light, should I and Could I trim a few fan leaves???? or any other suggestions would be appreciated thanks.

Captain Kronic

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I used to trim lots of them off but, I noticed that they would grow right back. Besides, unless the plant is real big... you don't want to pull too many or you interfere w/the plants ability to make energy through photosynthesis!

What I have been doing a lot of is just tucking the bigger leaves that I want moved under another leaf or branch, this get's enough light to the inside to make a difference while not giving up any vegetation.

Haven't really needed to do it indoors so I am primarily speaking in terms of outdoor plants... but you didn't specify either.

I can't say I saw much difference in the two techniques, I think you would be fine pulling a few... just don't go crazy... peace out!


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thanks for the replys, iv trimmed as little as possible well next to nothing and super cropped the fan leaves out the way, il try put sum pictures up soon so u can let me no wot u think
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