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Trimming/pruning during pre-flower?


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My plants just at 2ft and started pre-flower on the first of this month and I was wondering if I were to lollipop the plant at this point will it put to much stress on my plant and cause it to stunt or anything ? Please I'd like to know if this will hurt my plant and as soon as possible thank you.

I will post pictures tomorrow morning.

Fuzzy Duck

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Er ye i lollipop in the past in pre flower being the first week and seen no real harm to growth & even used em for clones for the next grow...

In theory the removal off the lower branches should provide extra energy to the above, their for increasing yield ?

Some how i really don't think it does & a very questionable practice !


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Many lollipoppers wait till the 3rd week in flower then again on the 6th. I personally let it do it's thing and take the bottom 12" for clones. These are 4-5' going into flower tho. I believe cannafan does it to all her plants, that would be a good refference journal to ask her.
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