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umm ca few of my questions

stoned snake

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my first question is where will the bud sites be on my plants i can see hairs forming at the ops but none are at the bottems

second if my girls et some stray rays from lets say a porch light thats quite a ways away will that jeperdise them?

and lastly could i pick the buds off some of the branches in the mddle and thn use them as clones for next year?

and could i just pick the buds of and not hav to cut down the branhes or thplant?


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Some of the sites on the lower parts of the plant will develope later. Some never develope any buds, especially on the main cola, this is normal.

If the porch light is strong enough, if the plants are close to it, and if the light is on continually then it very well may screw with the light schedule.

You cannot clone a plant using the buds. Thats not how it is done. You must cut off a branch in order to form another plant. In essence, what you are doing is forcing the branch to become a new plant by growing it's own roots. Any plant can be cloned, not just cannabis. However, in most cases you cannot clone a flowering female.

stoned snake

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yeh i kno bout the cloning so i cant clone a flowerign girl is what ur saying?
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