Using Vinegar For Lowering pH


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Really guys...good stuff!
No side effects?????
How long you been using the vineger???
It would be ALOT cheaper than PH down! flippin rip -off i swear.


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check out my grow.
I used vinegar once I realized i needed to lower my ph because of nutrient lock-out issues.
I used about 1-2 tbsp vin. / gal water to bring the ph from 7.8 to about 6.5

Check out the pics of my grow in the sig. I only had 1 plant under a 150W HPS and got over 3 oz dried (the plant vegged for about 3-4 months though).


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This is interesting. One would think that vinegar might react to the nutes one is using. What are all of you folks using in yoru grows? I might have to give this a try on my next grow just for the heck of it.


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This is great info!!! I would be very interested to hear about baking soda raising ph also. Where did you get this info?


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I love this thread! I'm sorry it hasn't been more active lately. I have used white distilled vinegar instead of pH Down on occasion and it has worked for me. I would like to know if anyone has experienced any side effects from vinegar as well as the use (and side effects) of baking soda or other substances when raising pH levels.


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I have used the baking soda before but never vineager. Ill have to remember that. Thanks for the great info everyone

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I realize this is a old thread, but if anyone out there is listening, I think this thread saved my plant's life!! And if so, MY HAT IS OFF TO YOU!!! I will know more later. Just watered her with vinegar, about 1 TBS per 3/4 gallon water. My pH was pretty high, about 7.4 or so. I checked runoff, it's now like 6.2 to 6.4 Not bad!!! proves my aquarium pH tester works too! sweet! 2 birds with 1 stone, and my baby might be saved!! She is looking horrid.


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Hey dude theirs always someone watching lol.

Anyway glad to hear its workin, i have used it before as well and it does work. Glad im not the only one atruggleing at the moment ive burnt my plant with humidity ha ha muppet i am.

With the vinegar try to flush it a dorf or so after or when the soils dry. I also use nutes to lower the ph as well. Not sure if that strictly works but it does on the ph test. Good luck dude and merry crimbo

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Thanks Motionman! Appreciate the reply! I'm going to have to check out your grow. My pH was high for like, 3 wks, or maybe more. My leaves all fell off, and it got lockout bad. I wasn't sure if my pH tester was working correctly, so I didn't do anything. Then last night, I got smart, and started experimenting, and my tester works just fine, and I lowered the pH, and now I am waiting (9 hrs uuugghh) for the lights to come back on, so I can see how she looks. It's gonna be a long wait. lol.

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I haven't, but I read alot of posts where they do use it. I think it's probably just as good as regular white vinegar. Matter of fact, all the posts I read on using vinegar, they used the apple cider kind. I used the white because it was all i had lol.

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SHE'S ALLLLLIVVVVVEEE! YES!! SHE MADE IT EVERYBODY!!! SHE DIDN'T DIE!!! SHE'S GROWING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! OH DAMN SNAP PISS ON THAT SHE MADE IT!! FUCKIN A!!!! Here are pics of her tonight, you can see a bit more trichs and deeper green on the leaves, she is looking much better. I threw her up on the exam table, tore off her lace panties, and checked her calyx's and pistles slowly. lol

Thank you all for your concern, your input, your support. She is living life again!! Yes!!! I'm such a happy and proud Daddy lol. Um, wait a minute. I'm a proud Daddy who just ripped off his daughter's underwear and looked at her *((*(* ? Um, ok. No, that's not who I am lol. So, let's get this straight, cannabis is my lover, not my daugher lol. I'm a proud boyfriend lol.


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i dont know about everones rave review but i tried it in my DWC set up and i found i was constantly adding some every day to keep the PH down, flat out it works but dosent last. now if you wanna get something cheaper then ph down listen up.

sulferic acid and R/o water. thats it.

sulferic acid aka electrolite is nothin more then battery acid (33.3%) and you can buy it at any parts store.

mix 70ml of acid to 1 litre of r/o and for god sakes add the acid to the water not the other way around!
there you have it! PH down thats stable!
i have to buff mine roughly once a week its so stable.

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Revshot! Thanks for stopping by! Battery Acid? Battery Acid? You want me to put Battery Acid in my plant soil? lol. :roorrip:
Reminds of being in the Army and someone telling someone else to go find some chemlight batteries lol. I don't know if you are serious or joking lol. No, I didn't fall for the chemlight batteries gig, or the exhaust sample set up lol.
Not being mean spirited, I'm smiling and laughing lol. Do people really put that shit in their water/soil?? I wouldn't touch that with a 100 ft pole lol. Not in my plant lol. Just sounds bad lol. I take it that the roots obviously do not suck up/eat the battery acid? Otherwise, you would be getting one weird ass high lol.
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