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I'm heading down to favorite local head shop tomorrow to pick up my first vaporizer :allgood:. I've never used a vaporizer in my life, so any advice, tips, or tricks you fine folks could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and just in case you were curious on the model it's Vapir No2. I've read a lot reviews and for my situation this appears to be the best pick. I was also looking at the iolite, but with others in the household unapproving of cannabis use the butane might be a tad conspicuous. I know that this particular model has been known to effect flavor but this one appears to best fit my needs.

Thanks in advance!
1. always keep your ABV (Already Been Vaped) to reclaim the rest of the good stuff later when you feel like processing a whole batch at once

2. keep your eye out for a bottle of the highest percentage isopropyl alcohol you can find for the cheapest price (99% is probably the highest you will find & shouldnt be much more than a few bucks) to use to clean your parts that get sticky & for your ABV
The Vapir NO2 is an excellent choice for sure. Test out various temperatures to determine the one that best suits you and try different amounts of herb in the chamber. And as stated, keep that ABV, it'll create some potent edibles down the line. You're going to love this unit, enjoy!
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