Volcano struggle

long time volcano user,, every day,, several times,,

whassup friend??
i have a little pipe that i use quite often as well. i near never smoke joints,,

oh,, and a bong i use occasionally

my volcano tho,, often

i love the flavours i can still taste and smell,, and the buzz is different

i have even been making a tincture from the leftover bud,, an iso alcohol tincture for rubbing on my body,, works well

i recently had to replace a switch/light, the green one,, it's an original style volcano. i bot it used on ebay,, five or six years ago

a half full bowl is used up in four or perhaps five bags,, between me and me missus

i start at about 175 f and work up to the top

i also dump the weed out, near the last bag,, and give it a crush in my palm and dump it back into the bowl for the past bag

one thing about using the volcano,, it is a restful experience,, no rushing aloud,, simply because it is not possible to rush. it needs to heat and etc etc

that is perhaps it's biggest drawback for me,, but is not a problem for me these days,, i have slowed a bit myself,, ha

one other thing,, i find the smoke oh so much more enjoyable if the weed is not bone dry. real dry and it seems much is missing
I wonder, is there a 'whip tube' that you can use with the Volcano, like a Hukkah? Perhaps try that instead of the bag. Just a thought, cheers
@PaleSun there is a whip attachment but it's for the easy valve not the solid state valve. I should look into getting an easy valve and a whip attachment. I saw a cool glass dome today with two tube or whip attachments. Might be the cost of the easy valve set and whip attachment.

@nivek wow the iso alcohol tincture sounds very interesting I'll have to look into that. You must have had to do some soldering to replace the air switch. I guess slowing down would be good for me.

Maybe I should just quit combustion for good.
No Soldering. Plug clip thingies. I had to buy from a dif company. Stores.bikl onlt repairs. Send it to germany and they will fix it. Ha.

I saw a vid once of a fella hooked a hose system to the volcano but it pumped the vapour out too fast to inhale properly.

But folks is clever. Indeed
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