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Volcano: how do you vape it?


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Hi all,
There are good and bad ways to use most things, and I thought we could share some experiences to get the most out of our Volcanos.

I'm in the process of quitting/reducing smoking, so I have used the Volcano heavily for a while. I've been experimenting with load sizes, balloon sizes, and temperatures. At first I was using way too much herb, but now I prefer to use a smaller load. For my taste, I don't want the vape to be too rich since it'll make me cough. And of course I also don't want the vape to be to weak.

This is how I now prefer to use it:
I haven't weighed it, but I put about 0.3 g of weed in it - as finely ground as possible. This will fill 4 normal sized balloons that are quite similar in vape strength.
For the first balloon I set the temp to 180 degrees C, the second 190 C, and the third at 200 C.
Before I fill my fourth balloon, I stir and mix the weed up a bit. Then I set the last one to 220 C. By stirring the weed up, I get an extra balloon of vape for each fill.

If I use any kind of concentrates I always set it to 230 C, and also stir it up after a couple of balloons. If it has crumbled up, I break up the crumbs.

I also preheat the weed chamber for a while before I start filling a balloon.

How do you guys vape?

Piña Delores

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As much as possible :p

On a more serious note, I'm glad to see some action in the vape section of the forum so I thought I'd reply.

I'm afraid I don't own a volcano so I can't compare directly, but quit combustion a couple of years ago, and ain't ever going back.

Vapeing has made me really appreciate the flavour of weed, and the variation from strain to strain.

With this in mind, sometimes I'll only go through one or two cycles, refill and go again. They're the cycles with the best flavour. I don't feel the need to extract every last drop in vape. I use my AVB to make edibles or cream so there's no waste.
Once you realise the hit you get from a joint isn't just from the weed, and stop craving it, your golden.

Once you stop giving most of your weed "to the gods" (as they say in India) in the form of smoke, you start to see how far your weed can go :D

Good luck with quitting smoking, for sure one of the hardest things I have ever done. Never thought I'd be able too, but here I am, as they say elsewhere f"c% combustion.



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Good to hear, Piña!
I just had a joint, because I'm not at home, and got reminded of the foul taste of ashes in my mouth. I quit mixing with tobacco a month ago, and now only mix my good buds with some shitty buds I have loads of. The shitty buds make the joint less strong for my lungs. But it's been about a week since I smoked, and the taste is pretty shit compared to vaping.
I only use a fraction of weed now when I vape compared to smoking it.

When you make edibles of the AVB, as you called it, how's the quality in the end? I've never tried making edibles of it, but I've got this bag that is filling up with AVB and needs to be processed soon. Can you get your edibles strong enough with AVB?
Do you have any good recipes? Also for cream?
What does AVB stand for? After Vape Brown stuff?

Piña Delores

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AVB = already vaped bud

You could use it as tobacco in a joint with fresh weed. I have a friend that does this. yuk ;)

AVB has been conveniently decarboxylated by the vaping process so it's ready to go. I mix mine with coconut oil in a mason jar. Then put the jar in a slow cooker filled with water. Longer the jar sits in there the better, i try for 8-12hrs. Strain and store. I'm afraid I'm not very scientific about it.

Think my last batch was 15g AVB to 2 cups oil. The wife keeps promising to bake something with it, I gave up waiting. 3 or 4 teaspoons of oil in coffee gives a nice buzz, top it up with a vape or 2 and your set. I quite like the taste too o_O

As with all edibles you need to work out the dose for yourself, don't go stiching yourself up :p

If we keep this up, we could clear all the dust out of this section of the forum.



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Yes, I tried smoking the AVB some years ago. It got me stoned, but I reckon it tastes like shit. Making edibles seem better.
I accidentally made some canna oil of 200 grams of oil and 15 grams of hash. That was pretty strong. I thought each hash stick was 1 gram, but they were 3 grams. I reckon if I want it as strong as that with the AVB, I might have to use 100 grams of it for 200 grams of oil. We'll see...

Yes, spoonfuls are great! I'm usually to lazy to bake, too. Last time I baked a large chocolate cake, I expected my friend to share it with me during the 2 days we were on the MotoGP race. He had none, and I ate the whole cake in 2 days. I don't eat any cakes or cookies normally, after that weekend I don't want to eat another piece of cake again...
Will try the coffee, though, it seems like a great way to start the day.

Do you know if anyone has successfully made any concentrates of the AVB?

Piña Delores

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Not sure about concentrates, I've never tried. Happy enough with the coconut oil. Don't think I've seen mention of it anywhere either.

As for taste, forgot to mention you can wash the AVB and then dry it.

The way I do it is to use a French Press coffee machine. Put in the AVB, fill with water, leave a few hours, press and drain, repeat until the water drains clear, then dry. Then use as you want.

Don't know how relevant this is with a Volcano vape. It is digital, and claims to be very accurate with temps. Might apply more to analogue vapes.

I don't always do this, I quite like the nutty taste of AVB anyway. I have been known to just to eat the bowl when I'm done. This can get messy though, waking up more baked than when you went to bed isn't always convenient. o_O



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I grow about 10 lbs (the amount's relevant) and only use a tiny pinch of one of several strains. I do a careful 2 month cure and they all taste and smoke great. I will Volcano vape that small amount not to conserve weed of course because I have that in abundance even when giving most away-it's hard work! The reheat is because it is still potent and a bit milder.

First Time

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Hi all... we've been trying to cut down on the smoking pure bud and after trying a friends volcano we new we had to get one. We opted for the manual version & usually vape 2 or 3 times per chamber starting on heat setting 5-6. Our stash lasts a lot longer now and we'll maybe smoke 1 joint between us a night. In my opinion the hit is more of a head buzz than a body stone (no matter what strain I vape) . The AVB is a lovely added bonus .. my wife loves to bake and I love to experiment and we make potent brownies,cookies etc. I sometimes use the AVB and make a nice cup of tea (no milk) i had never heard or thought of 'washing' it but sounds like a plan.. my next cup of tea might not taste like coconut tea :)
also sprinkle AVB on hot buttered toast for a wake n bake breakfast. Making oil in the slow cooker is another great way to use your AVB and lecithin is important too. Canna caps are a cheap and easy way to micro dose during the day, they certainly help me get through a day in the office. We have tried concentrates in the volcano and it tastes superb. In desperate times I would roll a joint of AVB although not recommended as it tastes awful & gives me a horrible cough, I disguise the taste with a nice citrus terpene :)


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Aloha vapers!

Sweet info, I will definitely add lecithin when I make oil. I haven't used that before. I have a very high tolerance when digesting, so if it helps me absorb, I'll try it for sure.

Hahaha, I might also try the AVB on toast for brekkie. Great idea! :D
Can you perhaps also sprinkle a bit of lecithin on that toast? Or does it need to be soaked in oil with the AVB before to work?

I don't think I've ever seen a slow cooker, but it seems I should get one...any specific kind I need to get, or do they all work ok?
How do you make your oil, @First Time ?
Also, what's Canna caps? I'm looking for good alternatives to joints when I'm out of the house. The problem I have have with eating anything is that it usually takes about 2 1/2 hrs before it kicks in so it needs good planning, but maybe it'll change with the lecithin...
I agree with you regarding the head high when vaping. It's way different to smoking, for me it feels more like when eating, and it's also more like Sativa all the time...

I have a Critical plant that will be ready for harvest in 10-12 days. I will try and cob it. I read you can eat that as it is once the cobbing process is done.
Anyone tried to vape a cobbed plant? In my search for deliciousness and pure effect, I believe I will find a milestone here. :Namaste:

Piña Delores

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Hey we're starting to get some good ideas going here.

nickeluring Lecithin does not taste good, so not sure about sprinkling. Tastes vary I suppose :).

Not sure where you're based but a slow cooker is known as a crockpot in the US. Got the wife to do a translation for me. If you've not got one, they're a great bit of kit, and not just for weed based products;). Fantastic for stews, curries, and chillis. They're all pretty much the same really afaik. High, low, and keep warm settings. The only variable is the size or volume. Super easy to use, couldn't live without one in our house.

Have you thought about an out and about vape? I was looking for a way to vape without the need to be plugged into the mains. I found the Vapcap, and not looked back. It's now my goto vape, wish I'd tried it sooner. A vape with a real joint like experience. Just my opinion, no affiliation.

More interest in cobbing lol. Man that really has me intrigued, can't wait to try it out, but I'm still a way off harvest. Bought a vacum sealer in preparation though. I'm still playing catch up with that thread.



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Haha, I'm in Spain, but don't speak much Spanish so wouldn't have a clue what they're called here. But I'll get one for sure. You got me at "stews, curries, and chillies" :)

I have a Crafty, and have tried a few other portable vaporizers, but they don't seem to be enough. They run out of batteries before I'm happy.

I have the parts for a cob-a-tron, and will make one within the next 2 weeks. Will start looking for corn husks now


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Haha, hola amigo! I was at Carrefour and Mediamarkt yesterday, and had a quick look for slow cookers. But I didn't know what I was looking for. Just found them on Amazon. I'll get one for sure now!

I saw some fresh corn cobs with husks about a month ago some in a supermercado somewhere. Don't know about their seasons though.

Does the vapcap work well with herbs?
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heya friends,,

a very interesting conversation indeed,, for all kinds of reasons relevant to me'all

i have had a volcano for a couple years now,, me and the missus use it every day,, a few times actually,, i know mom, i smoke too much

vape as well,, i am right now actually,, some cob in the volcano,, pina will know what that is

one quick thing about vaping and cobs,, well, vaping allows one to truly appreciate the smells and flavours of the bud, and , well, cobbing the weed eliminates all of the wonderful natural smells and flavours,, tho it does add its own smells and flavours.

not important really,, vaping cob completely rocks


we vape weed as well,, fill the bowl 1/3 full,, and we have a five bag system,, also an old school volcano with numbers instead of temps, but i have a converter for that

so first two bags at 6 (190f) with a stir inbetween every bag. next two bags at 7.5 (206f) and inbetween the third and forth bag i dump the bowl into the palm of my hand and crush it all up,, then dump back in,, and do bag four.

last bag full power and done,, maybe one more bag, iffin i am chillin


vaporizer "poo" (avb),, right now i am experimenting with making oil from it the isopropyl alc way,, and i am using this oil for pain control potions,, oils and tinctures,, the results so far are positive indeed

but the smell?? the oil smells awful. works tho

ok, here is a big bonus for us volcano users,, and cob makers

i have been involved in the cobbing craze from the beginning, and i have been using my used volcano vape bags to wrap my cobs in. the bags are basically food grade oven bags and the very first chart from the cob god 'tang' suggestsw using oven bags,, corn husks are not at all necessary for success at cobbing

look at the colours those bags take on fom the cobs,, just beautiful

i forget what else i was gonna say,,

pls ignore the print in the pic,, haha



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I will definitely look into the vapcap, Piña. A crock pot is on its way already.

Hi there, nivek. That's some good info you're coming with. Interesting to hear about the husks. What's the husk like looking thing in the photo? Do you use that inside the used balloon?


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Ha, observant of you nick,, that is indeed the only Cob I used a corn husk on,, i just saved the husk is all.

I started cobbing in early spring,, there were no corn husks available where I shop at the time, but i did find some eventually and tried the corn husk, but i found the husk seemed to be absorbing the trichomes from the outside of the Cob, so i went back to vape bags to wrap them in

ppy vaping friends,, cheers

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Piña Delores

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Nivek forgot you mentioned you could use the bags from a Volcano to cob with.

Funny really. Reminds me I met a guy out and about a couple of weekends ago, the other half of one of the wifes friends. He likes a vape so I introduced him to my Vapcap, turns out he's got a Volcano at home. I mentioned that I'd be interested in some used bags. He didn't believe me :D, thought I was winding him up lol.

My thinking is any residue in the bag, would maybe go into the cob. Worth a try me thinks. I should be seeing him this weekend. I'll try and convince him again.

Nick although I'm not sure you'll like the Vapcap (though the guy I met did), I'm willing to bet you'll love the slow cooker. Especially with winter on the way :).

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