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West coast stuff versus east coast stuff.


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in general which side produces the best smoking product? what are the major differenes ?

thanks alot.

whats the most popular type of weed in your area?

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There is no difference between east coast quality and west coast quality. It all comes down to seasonal availability of weed and strains used by growers. With the internet these days, everybody is able to source good genetics, so great weed is found right across the country.


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just wondering everybody around here( south ) brags that they may have some "calli weed" or some things from autrailia so i didnt know. thanks


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shoot theres great pot all over the country. lucky for us pot grows like a beast where ever it is. over here on the east has good weed. florida has a lot of dank and other goodies. new york is good but pricey. up in the mountains of good ole north carolina we grow some fresh stanky. the best ive had.
never been out to the west before. love to wander around utah and cali for awhile. cali has awesome bud and lots of it, better yet its one of the chillest states to live. washington also has the dank.
i want to try weed from india and china. or just travel the world sampling local buds and getting high with the natives.:rasta:


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yea I mean theres fantastic bud all over the world. Around here theres always a good variety of very nice strains going around.. lemon g, strawberry cough, mk ultra, purple urkle.. just to name a few. I'll be flying out west for my first time soon so I'll see what kind of strains northern cali has to offer when I'm there ahaha :allgood:
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