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Wetting my feet for the first time!


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I hate calling up the hook up's and all i get is meet me here, ohh im not around, ohh its haze but its just some skimpy stuff and so on ect. So im thinking why not grow some plants and see if im any good at it. What are the tools that I need to start growing from scratch, the set ups the whole kit and caboodle. I have the space I live by my self. So anyone please help a friend out. pictures would be nice.

Thank You


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There are a lot of good "out of the Box" hydro systems. Small or large.

Just some bandwidth to do the research on what kind and size system works best for you and your area.
Also checkout the 420 sponsors ....

You already got what seems to be the hardest part for most,
found the grow Forum :3:
Check out the journals too.
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