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What size Air conditioning / BTU question for six - eight 1000w HID room


I am designing a grow room that will have around a 500 sq ft flowering area.

I will be using six 1000w HPS lamps w/ vented hoods in flowering room.

In addition to this there will be a veg room with two 1000w vented MH lamps (size of room unknown presently)

There will be a cloning area using two T-5 fluorescent 8 bulb set up

Total room size will be aprox 700 sq ft

Co2 generator - dehumidifier - water chiller - can filter -

I think this is all the heat making equipment so my question is how many BTUs of AC will I need to cool this room? I know it is an approximate but I just need a starting point.

*eight 1000w HIDs vented total
I have both digital ballast & magnetic but might go all digital for heat reasons. Keeping my room 75-80 F is very important to me.

How can I figure what size AC unit I will need? Is there a formula anyone has figured out?

suggestions & ideas always welcome



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I agree with the 24000btu would take care of that many lights, but, to me, taken into account the size of the space, it should be larger because what happens in the summer when it's hotter outside? Then you would need extra btu's. That size would only take care of the heat produced by the lights. In my opinion you would need to start with what size AC to cool that much space... then ADD the extra BTU's to take care of the lights. But that's my opinon
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