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When to top off?


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I started a few seeds in some outdoor pots about 6 weeks ago. I wanted to regulate the heighth of the plants and keep them around 30-36inches tall all together. So far my plants are about 4-5 inches tall. I want them to grow out rather than up. When is the best time to start "topping" them off? Any responses would be helpful.



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i would let them go past your 36" a bit and then chop them waaaay back and let it come back up. well at least thats how i do it probally the wrong way lol


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Start topping at the 4th or 5th node. Or you could try the "supercropping" method to slow the verticle growth without the shock of a "cut".

LST or Low Stress Training the branches works wonders too when you want to keep her low.

Third option is a "bonzai" trim job. You need to keep clipping and training her to keep it small.

Once upon a time I had (6) 5 gallon buckets on a balcony. The girls never reached the rail height all summer, but had a ton of thumb sized buds come November. Worked out great!
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