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white hairs in soil?


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Been reading for a while and decided to try my own grow (its my first time)

Growing 3 plants, indoor in soil, each in their own in 4.5 liter container
(scotts brand potting soil mixed with a handfull of Plant Tone brand organic powder nutrients)
approx 1 inch tall, 1 week old
seeds were found in a bag (no special strain)
1 100 watt fluorescent spiral bulb for each plant (on 18/6)
its in my closet, which is more like an attic and gets kind of cold sometimes
after 3 days, i transplanted them from coffee cans with soil to the larger planters they are now in

All plants look very healthy with no signs of anything wrong.
The problem is I've noticed small white hairs on the surface of the soil in 2 out of 3 of the plants. It seems to be spreading around to different areas on the surface since i planted them. Appears to be some sort of fungus? but i have no idea. Interestingly enough, the smallest plant (half inch) with the smallest leaves has the most of these hairs on the surface, and the one with the largest leaves has none of the afforementioned hairs. then the other plant looks fine, and has some hairs in the soil.

no pics right now cause i dont have a digi cam, but if nobody can help from my description I'll try to get ahold of one. I have no idea what the hairs are, or what to do (if i need to do anything) and any words of wisdom would be appreciated.:50:


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Yeah sounds like mold or some kind of fungus. Either way not good. Get some aquarium rock or something and cover the soil so the light can't get to it. that should kill it off.
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