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Why trim? Isn't this just a preference, like shaved vs unshaved hair?


Grow Journal of the Month: April 2017
Why should I trim my harvest?

For background, I haven't shaved my beard in multiple decades.
If I were a woman, I wouldn't shave my legs,
So an aesthetic argument won't work with me. I think natural buds are beautiful.

From a smoking or vaping standpoint, I'm also missing the point of shaving off perfectly potent sugar leaves.
As long as I pluck out all the fan leaves and their stems.
As long as I trim off any other leaf tips that are lacking in trichomes,

Why isn't trimming to the frost line the sweet spot for trimming?

JJ Bones

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The smoothest smoke experience comes from the cola. The leaves, even if crystaly, are still much harsher then the bud.

In my experience, smoking an untrimmed bud = more cough/uncomfortable and a trimmed = hardly any cough

Calyx Hunter

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I agree with Radogast as it is personal preference whether to trim your own buds. Although when purchasing cannabis you definately want it all trimmed.

Trimmed buds lend towards quicker easier bowl packing. Due to my dry weather conditions here in CO I've started hang drying my bud with all of the sugar leaves still on as it is sort of a buffer and keeps the buds from drying out too quickly.

I prefer trimmed buds so that when I pack a bowl it is as easy as pick and pack. I prefer not having to separatre leaves off as I pack a bowl but anyone can dry the buds with leaves on and just remove them as you pack bowls. Just because a bud is untrimmed does not mean the leaves still need to be smoked it just means more time to prep each bowl.


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I agree, I prefer to leave the leaves on. If smoking cones or a blunt, then they are perfect for the texture required. Remove the trim and most people resort to tobacco as spin. Not my preference!


Grow Journal of the Month: April 2017
Thanks for the replies.

Frankly, I expected to get some gentle and not so gentle comments on why someone who doesn't know the FIRST THING about cannabis is growing :)

:tommy: Drum roll :tommy:
In summary:

Leaves get you high ( I spent years buying shake.)

Leaves also roll well.

Buds smoke smooth.

None buys leaves any more, might as well make hash :)


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I trim extremely. I think they call it Cali trim :) There are three reasons for it. First, I make dry sift hash from sugar leaves, which allows me to taste my smoke before budz are dried and ready. Second, chlorophyll doesn't come out in taste, and you're gonna definitely feel it if you leave the leaves on. Third, if you trim it before putting in the jars, your budz will be ready sooner as sugar leaves keep a lot of humidity. Some pics of my Green Crack budz.


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It's your world Rad, have it your way like Burger King my friend...if you don't mind a little more harsh burn and a little more bitter taste, just leave those leaves on there and toke up Brother. Like you said "it's all good medicine" :volcano-smiley:

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