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yet another LED thread


Ok I have searched the forum for LEDs and it seems Cree makes a quality product.
I found a good DIY project on another site, using Cree 2500 and 3050 series COBs.
The problem, these series of COBs cover quite a few products and I'm trying to figure out exactly which COBs to purchase.
I have a 6x2x6 foot grow space, I'm 1 week into veg using T8 and CFL for ~600watts.
I'm looking at flipping to 12/12 in 3 to 4 weeks and I want to build an LED light for flowering.
However I would also like my LED to cover veg for my next grow, I'm thinking of using a mix of the 25xx/3050 series. Does anyone have specifics on the COBs I should be purchasing and the number for the space I have?

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