Your one- to four-foot plant should be hacked at the base and picked up in its entirety.The weight of the Indica plant will probably amaze you if you have done everything right. Try not to let it touch the ground where the bud can gather up unwanted dirt or dust.The plant should then be hung upside down in a cool room with fresh air but no light.

When you hang the plants upside down the stems and branches automatically separate the buds, allowing space for air to flow around the freshly harvested flowers. The best temperature is between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Relative humidity is best kept at around 55 percent. Light degrades the overall THC quantity and quality. Light can also change the cannabinoid composition in your bud. Your room doesn't have to be light-proof, but you should take care not to expose your harvest to any direct light. Most growers use the bottom branches of the plant as support when hanging them up. By tying some fishing line to the walls, you can snag the bottom branch over the line to hang your buds upside down.

Next, take a pair of clippers and remove as many of the fan leaves as possible. Then remove the secondary (eaves and put these into a separate pile. Last but not least gather some of the major trim marijuana leaf that can be removed easily from the bud. Trim refers to the small leaves that surround the bud and are usually covered in resin.This is a preliminary manicuring step only, designed to help ease the drying process. The real manicuring comes later. Leave the trim areas that are hard to remove alone for now. The trim you need to remove right after harvesting should pull away with ease. If there is no branch on the trim area you are trying to remove then leave it alone. Chances are it will not pull free without taking some bud with it and you do not want to do this.

Now you have four different qualities of weed to choose from.The fan leaf will be an okay smoke, the middle leaves a little better and the trim will be very good. The bud is the prime stuff though and this will give you the best quality high. Leave the plant like this until a branch can break easily between your fingers (it should literally snap between your fingers). This harvesting process takes about two to three weeks from start to finish, although some strains can take up to four weeks before the branches snap between your fingers.