420 Magazine Website News: August 2018


Hello everyone and welcome to our August Members Update.

This monthly post is to keep you informed about what’s going on behind the scenes at 420 Magazine. You may be surprised to learn that the scale of the back room forums for staff is almost as large as what you see out front. There are at least 420 things going on at any one time, and one of the great things about working on the magazine staff is the team spirit, where everything is shared and discussed amongst the team.

As always, we offer a warm welcome to all our new members. You have joined the friendliest, most mature and comprehensive Cannabis and Hemp website in the world. In return we’d simply ask that you spend a few moments reading our Posting Guidelines. It helps us no end if you can stick to these: it reduces the time we need to spend moderating and advising, allowing us the space to continue maintaining, developing and adding to the website itself.

And why not post a little bit about yourself in our Introduce Yourself thread? It’s a great way to start conversations and get initial guidance. We’d also like to extend our sincere thanks to those current members who spend time and effort welcoming new members to our community. We truly appreciate your generous work.

We always say that we wouldn’t be here without our Sponsors, however it’s equally true that 420 Magazine wouldn’t be such a great mission without you, our members. We are always grateful for your presence, contributions, positive energy and spirit of helping others. :love:

Uploading Photos
We told you last month about the new ability to upload your photos as attachments. It looks like it’s been a hit, as we are seeing many members using this facility.

You can upload the attachments as thumbnails, which is fine, but you also have the option to display them as full sized images. We’d encourage you to do this, as it makes it so much easier for others to see and comment upon them, without having to click through each time.

A reminder too that attachments are not saved in the Members Gallery. So if you want to retain a record here of your grow, then do use the the traditional method. It’s not much more effort.

There’s a full tutorial on how to upload photos and attachments via PCs, Apples, laptops and all mobile devices at the top of most forums for easy reference. Here’s the one in Member Resources – Photo Gallery Guide – How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos

We mentioned last month that we have discovered a way to get rid of the private gallery issue, where members mistakenly upload photos to a private gallery which means they cannot be seen when posted. We are still working through this on our test site, eliminating all glitches. Hope to be launching it for you soon.

420 Magazine Staff News & Job Opportunities
There’s some big and exciting changes in the pipeline.

Firstly, we’d like to acknowledge the new head of our tech team, Marc Ocean. Marc’s been with us for a few months now, and although you won’t see much of him out front, we must say that he’s fitted in brilliantly and is doing a terrific job supporting the Moderators with his IT abilities. One of those people whose work is absolutely invaluable in running the website. Thank you, Marc!

We also have some returning team members.

Pigeons420 has rejoined us as a 420 Journalist doing video Product Reviews. Always a popular member, it’s good to have him back on the team.

Matty Hemp has also rejoined us to resume the Instagram posting, so we can begin expanding our social networking again. He’s just now getting used to the new site and getting his routine organized.

We are also in advanced negotiations with a new investor, who will also become Director of Sales. This is an exciting development, which will allow us to implement a host of new ideas and features, bring additional specialists on board and support our currently stretched Sales Team. We will give you more details once all the paperwork is completed.

Two other team members have moved on. Ron Strider was our newshound, but has decided to go back to the casino business, where it’s a much better fit for him. We wish him well in his journey. This opens up the door for us to stop disseminating other publications’ news and start creating our own, employing our own journalists. We’ve already begun discussions with a few that are excited to join us over the next few weeks. And product reviewer, Ian Bastage, has decided that his main job and social life take up way too much of his time and energy, not leaving anything left for us. Therefore he has decided to focus on that, and we wish him well also.

If there’s anyone out there who would like to join our team of Product Reviewers, then please send your CV to humanresources@420magazine.com. Please be aware that this is not an easy route to free gear. It takes a lot of dedicated work, the ability to write professionally and be an active member of our team. Your motivation must be to support our mission. If you want free stuff, then enter out contests!

We are also looking for help for our Spambot Patrol. You’ll find all the details and how to apply here – 420 Magazine Seeking A Volunteer For Spambot Moderation

We are pleased to announce that August’s Sponsor of the Month is Cannapot.

Cannapot are an established supplier of fine seeds, having been in business since 2004. Of course they have thousands of seeds from all the great strains – regular, feminized and autoflowering. Of course they have a great selection of medical strains. Of course they source their products from all the best seedbanks. Of course their service is exemplary and naturally they offer a guaranteed secure ordering service and stealth shipping. However, what sets Cannapot apart is their ability to offer seeds from lesser-known breeders such as Earth, Mosca, Dane Genetika, True Canna Genetics, John Sinclair, French Touch and Top Tao. They also have one of the largest selections of Lowryder variations anywhere.

We are always grateful to new and renewing sponsors. This month we are delighted to welcome and thank the following sponsors:
Marrone Bio Innovations

Please check out these profiles of our new sponsors, and visit their websites. It’s thanks to like-minded companies like these that 420 Magazine remains a free source of news and information. Please support our mission by supporting them.

Our Home Page
Don’t get stuck in the growing forums. Do remember to check out our Home Page regularly. It’s full of great news stories, sponsor profiles, features on our contest winners and some great articles written by our sponsors. Recently, Namaste Vapes have added some good pieces, comparisons and reviews on bongs and vaporizers – invaluable information for beginners and experts alike.

Fun Forum
We have recently had a clear out of the forum Random Photos, which had become a confused mess of images. Nothing has been lost – just moved to the correct area. We pride ourselves on keeping 420 Magazine well-kept and easy to navigate.

As part of this we have added a fun new category – 420 Pictures: Random Photos of the Number 420

So get involved and show us your snaps of where you’ve seen “420”. If you start looking, you’ll find that it turns up in the most unexpected places.

420 Magazine runs five contests each month, celebrating our members and their work. If you enjoy photos of sticky buds or extraordinary plants, if you aspire to be the Member of the Month or want to see some of the best grow journals anywhere, then do look at our monthly contests. Congratulations to all our winners, who, thanks to our sponsors, will be receiving some great prize packages.

Grow Journal of the Month – InTheShed
Member of the Month – Chris Scorpio
Plant of the Month – Stage
Nug of the Month – Cola Monster
Photo of the Month – Cola Monster

You don’t have to be an experienced grower to enter the contests – any member with a minimum of 50 posts may enter and vote in those with polls. There are some great prizes to win – exclusive 420 Magazine merchandise such as nug jars, t-shirts, lighters, magnets (which you can’t get hold of any other way), and some quality and high value goods from our sponsors too; lights, nutrients, vaporizers, seeds, gift certificates and much more.

Member of the Month
Plant of the Month
Nug of the Month
Photo of the Month

So if you fancy picking up a garden-full of great prizes, or just enjoy looking at some of the most beautiful plants and nugs produced on the planet, do check out our contests. They are fun and inspirational.

That’s it for this month. Thank you for being a valuable part of our Mission, we are truly grateful for you.

Sending you all lots of love and positive energy through the universe.

Teddy Edwards
420 Administrator