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  • HB Devil's Carnival budporn day 48
    Yea I sorta agree with that. Altho some autos I've ran I consider those to be super autos. Since they are technically autos but they end up going...
  • HB Devil's Carnival budporn day 48
    Even if some people disagree, I find autos sensitive. When they get stressed they start flowering sooner and then it s too late to get them bigger
  • HB Devil's Carnival budporn day 48
    Thanx man this is my first run with docs kit an man is it simple lol. I cant believe how on the fence I was about diving in an tryn the method out...
  • HB Devil's Carnival budporn day 48
    Looking great!
  • 20190320_190537.jpg
    Wow, ok maybe it's just the strain,40% seems right on. I was concerned i either had a light leak possibly high humidity problem as they kind of...

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