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  • Hi Slowpuffer, I dropped a response on your wall. Maybe pm would be good, it could get to be lengthy.
    I know that you're familar with the 90 watt ufo leds. I have two of them and i've never noticed before, but only 1/2 the light surface is lit. Is this normal ?? And i got another one that stays lit for like 15 minutes and then shuts off. If i unplug and plug it back in, it comes right back on, but only burns like 2 minutes. And it too only lites 1/2 ?? Neither is worth sending back to China for repairs, so any advice will be appreciated !! Thanks, Jim
    I repped your post on SS's thread but my comment with the rep mentioned scrog so I left a visitor message apologizing for the error.
    hi sonzor, the info is shared and always appreciated.
    I saw that post by blacken, never heard of that but I guess it can be proven with a few seeds. I've done lots of research but can't honestly say I've put much into seeds yet. If it's consistent it would save a lot of time and energy for a lot of growers

    you're welcome sonzor
    Not worried about the reps. All the great info is plenty. On the information subject, blacken just posted on my journal that you can tell male and female seeds just by looking at them. Have you ever heard of this? I know I have done tons of research and have never come across this. Thanks again.
    thx spike hopefully it's enough to keep me goin until next round. I'm not a real heavy smoker, but regular.
    yeah he's had a great grow, really too bad about the rot but he saved a good portion.
    I'm debating doing a journal, clones are all different sizes, too many strains etc,lol. They're all green tho.

    thx again
    No problems Brother, we pop that asterix in there to defeat the search engines.

    Just don't want anyone who's looking for info about those substances finding their way here ;)

    Hope all is well in your world - I see weedtastic's journal is nearing the end ;)
    Thanks Spike,it's small but finished, hairs turned weeks ago due to the LED too close, trichs pretty much all milky under the scope. Chopped just after that pic was taken. It had a tough life. I hope to do less damage next time around,lol.
    that plant is nice bro,looks close to ready are the hairs turning color yet,on my 1st grow I didn't have a little microscope so when a little over half the hairs changed ,I cut her.
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