1. dauzer

    Help with Advanced Nutrients

    Hey, I'm looking at purchasing some nutes from the Advanced Nutrients line. I was following a thread about which ones to use but there are so many additives. I'm going with the Sensi Grow A/B and Bloom A/B for the base nutes but i cant work out which additives to use. What i have come...
  2. Mopedstoner

    Nutrient additives

  3. S

    Rooting question?

    I have a question about rooting. I start my clippings in the Peet pucks. Once roots start to show they go into solo cups, than into 1 gallon pots then to 5 gallon pots. What would be a good additive to add to the water to help along strong vigorous growth?
  4. S

    Better Late Then Never - White Widow Auto Fem In Soil - LED

    Hey, I am starting this journal more as a point of reference in which I can keep track of things I know I will forget :thumb: Here is where I started and where things are at present: * Dec I ordered 10 White Widow auto fem seeds from Crop King - no issues arrived quickly "shoot out to...
  5. M

    DWC Nutrient Help

    hi all, gunna keep this quick and simple.. I plan on using rhizotonic and cannasym alongside my base nutrients and was wondering at what strength i should add the rhizo and cannazym from seed to finish (autos). using platinum p300 led pannel and 20L dwc. aslo have plant magics'...
  6. E

    Marijuana Flavouring

    I am curious as to how marijuana can at times have a perfume smell? Is this natural or are the growers spraying the product or watering the plants with flavouring/scent? Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Regards, Effluvia
  7. kandysman

    What soil to use

    This is my first grow and i have a very limited space so i need to know what i need to use for the most yield. Its so hard to just find a list so i can use just top soil and then add everything else and mix it my self. I am not opposed to using chemical fertilizers so what should i mix with my...
  8. K

    Best booster/additive atami , bloombastic

    i've just invested in some atami bloombastic. its a booster that's used from week 5 of flower. ot supposed to be the dogs bollox. has any1 used this product let me know how you got on with it . thnx in advance
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