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  1. JuicyK404

    Cotyledon Growing Upward?

    Hello 420 magazine world! Not sure if this is a problem or if I'm just worrying too much but I have a seedling at 4 days old and the cotyledon are growing up toward the light. This morning they were fine and by the end of the day it looks like this now and not sure if the light is too intense...
  2. Snoogensz

    First time LED grower 4x4x6.6 tent

    Good evening fellow enthusiasts/growers I've been researching LED lights for several months now and on the eve of recreational marijuana being 100% legal in the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts :allgood:, I figured I take the plunge into this exciting new reality and ask for some...
  3. B

    1st Hydro - LED Grow With Crop King White Widow From Seed

    Hello and thanks for looking at my journal. I have never attempted to grow anything indoors, with LED's, or in hydro. This will be all new to me. I do keep a flower garden and vegetables and herbs, however this is all outdoors and pretty low maintence stuff. Pretty basic from a gardening...
  4. Growlow

    Growlow's Recycling Organic Living Soil - 2000W HPS

    G'day Growers! I am glad to see a lot of you well and growing like the champions you all are. I am going to share with you my approach to growing in soil organically. It involves no tilling of the soil. No bottle fertilizers. No harsh pesticides. All fertilizers and sprays are organically...
  5. C

    Sensi NL Fem - Advanced LED 150W - Indoor - Scrog - Organic - 1st Grow!

    Hello everybody!! I'm ChiefMaryJane. I've been scrolling through these forums for about the past five years everytime I needed help or came across a question. A few weeks ago I came across a stealth scrog micro grow cabinet in the forums. This was the first time I had ever seen anything like a...
  6. Icemud

    Icemud's LED Overkill - 3x Advanced LED XTE 300s - Blue Dream - University Hills OG

    Welcome to Icemud's LED overkill grow!!! haha :) I decided to name it overkill because I added 1 more Advanced LED XTE 300 to my 2.5x5'x7' which is way more than would be needed for most grows, as 2 of these lights rocked my last grow just fine. I won't be using the panels at 100% full power...
  7. Icemud

    Icemud's LED Grow With Advanced LED XTE 300 Series With EX-Veg 200

    Hey everyone!!!! I'm back with an all new and exciting test grow featuring the All new Advanced LED XTE series (300w model) and the Advanced LED Diamond Series EX-VEG. I was lucky enough to receive a sponsorship to showcase their lights in operation and I am very happy to be chosen and will...
  8. crakasteven

    2'x2' 1 Plant Scrog - T5 - Advanced LED 200W Local OG - 1st Grow

    What strain is it - Local OG (Louie xiii) Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Indica or Hybrid Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long? week 3 If in Flower stage... For how long? - Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Soil If soil... what is in your mix? Vermifire...
  9. CronicHempHog

    ChronicHemphog's - DWC - Advanced LEDs - Time to Grow - Grow

    OK here we go:thumb: so this is nutes used are bpn 3 part also for other plants botanicares pro gro, pro bloom, silica blast and hydroplex also using massive for bloom phase lights are t-8 litro gro lights for veg advanced led's diamond series and diamond series with cree xml for bloom...
  10. I

    My First Grow DS100 Diamond Series LED & Nectar For The Gods Nutes

    Hey how's it going fellow growers? Sorry no pics yet, but coming soon. I've got just one lady right now, she is a "Grape Ape" clone that I've been vegging under some daylight cfls from the depot for about 2 weeks now.She is also in an air pot(not sure which brand) She's been doing ok....but I...
  11. SteveHman

    SteveHman's Advanced LED - 1000 Watt/BP Nutrients - Going For Max Yield Grow-Grow 6.5

    OK, now that I have Grow 6.0 well under way and have a minute to get the tent up and going, it's time to start yet another journal! This one will be Grow 6.5 (since I am already a week past the start of 6.0, I decided to call it 6.5, no other reason). I will be growing in my 4x4 Secret Jardin...
  12. SteveHman

    SteveHman's Advanced LED Diamond Series - Lucy & Sage - Grow 6.0 - NFT

    It’s time to start a new journal, it seems like these things go so fast. This time around I have switched up a few things. The first big change was in the way I took clones. I have a 60 site ezcloner, and I have 100% success with it. But it has it’s downsides. First, it costs about $350...
  13. A

    740 Watt LED - 8 Plants - Waikiki Queen - Sour Bubble - Sour Diesel

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