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  1. K

    CKS Northern Lights Auto - Soil pH is too low

    Growing CKS NL Auto Fem (Day 37) in soil. Just tested pH 3 different ways. Dr. Meter S20 4 in 1 reads 5.0 (unreliable imho) Patec pH meter reads 6.0 (new) Environmental Concepts soil test kit reads 5.5 (new, should be the most accurate) Soil is Fox Farm Ocean Forest. (Clay pebbles...
  2. A

    First Time Grow, Auto Amnesia & OG Kush

    Under 1000w 100x10w chips Full spectrum LED Panel
  3. E

    First Grow Journal Auto Northern Lights

    Hi everybody first journal not grow, but this is only my second time growing auto flowers. For start ill be using two led lights, then I will be setting up hps later. Growing in straight coco 11 liter pot, but I do start in peat pellets I have always had great success this way plus a heat mat. I...
  4. K

    Purple Kush Auto Harvest Day

    I have two Purple Kush Auto's ready but the buds are light and airy. I harvested 1 of them yesterday, 83 days old after the seed pop. The plants grew indoors to about 28 inches tall under 1000W MH/HPS lighting. The grow medium was 1/3 coco, 1/3 perlite and 1/3 Ocean Farms Potting soil using...
  5. Jaymangrows

    Help! First time grower having extreme trouble can't find help!

    Serious drooping, fan leaves turning yellow.
  6. Blue281

    Blue281's Soil Northern Light & Sweet Train Wreck Grow 2017

    Hello everyone and welcome to my first grow journal. This is my fourth grow ever but first grow with two plants at the same time and obviously my first journal. So please feel free to give me as much advice as possible and let me know if you feel I should change anything! I hope you enjoy the...
  7. crazycatlady

    AF & hermie newbie questions

    AF Early Miss from CropKingSeeds. I have grown her out and thank heaven she hermied. (yes I wanted that to happen) When will I know the seeds are mature and can be harvested? When can I use the seeds and will I do any damage to them if I put them if I put them in an airlocked (hermetic) seal?
  8. C

    Auto flower leaf curling

    So, recently My E=mc2 auto flower strain has started to bud, but at the same time the lower leaves have started tturning yellow and the top leaves have began curling outward. I know that , closer to harvest the bottom leaves will start changing due to the nutrients being pulled to actual bud...
  9. G

    GTechie's Soil Early Miss Auto Fem Grow Journal - 2015

    First Entry (Late in the Game) So I was resistant to make a grow journal. I lurked near three months, watching others grow journals with extreme interest. The whole time I had firmly decided I was going to start a grow, but was not going to make a grow journal. Even now I know I have not...
  10. N

    Blakerzzzz1's First Grow - Auto

    So I abandoned my last plan and restarted due to complications. Plan B comes as follows, :welcome: Location: Outdoor (Forest with about 13 hours of light a day, possibly more as summer rolls in) Average temp during summer is about 75-85 Degrees F. Strains: G13 Pineapple Express (Auto)...
  11. T

    Indoor grow help!

    aye, Doing an indoor grow and looking for some feedback on the set up and questions. Beans: Nirvanas Bubbleicious Auto. Fem. (If anyone has grown these before, feedback is wanted! Tips, yield, etc..) Plan on popping four. (Should I be fine on space?) Tent - Gorilla Grow Lite - 2 x...
  12. J

    Smallest pot size that can be used for Photo/Auto Flowering plants

    Hi :420:, Just wondering if anyone has any information on pot sizing. Due to grow room restraints, I'm looking to fit the most plants in my next grow that I can without restricting root growth too much. Has anyone experimented too much with this? Any advice greatly appreciated, also feel...
  13. L

    Think i have a mutant. need advice

    so im growing an auto lowryder femanized ( regular not #2) and instead of growing its lefs in sets of 2 its growimg in sets of 3. anyone know why? is it good nad or neither? im hoping more sets means more flowers? and do i need to treat it any different than i would a normal auto? this is my...
  14. L

    will a 3 gallon pot for an auto lowryder be big enough?

    im about to grow my first autoflower. its a fem auto lowryder. i dont really know much about autos and even less about the lowryder strain. all i have is a 3 gallon pot with happy frog soil and the general organics grow box for my nutes. any advice on how to approach this grow would be greatly...
  15. spring2012

    Springs Soil Grow - Blue Mystic Autos - Spring Has Come Again!

    Very happy to be back on with all the fine folks here at 420 mag. I have been absent for a bit! I had a few smal grows and will continue with this small one! FFOF of course! general organics nutes ( love the kit ) 3 blue mystic autos 1 Northern lights x Bigbud Auto 3 small stragglers of...
  16. N

    Normando's First Grow Auto Candy Kush(125w CFL, indoor soil)

    Hello everyone, just posting on my very first grow ever! I originally wasn't going to do a journal because I've never grown weed or any other plant and didn't want to expose my failures but decided not only was it gonna help my learning curve but I can also get advice from more experienced...
  17. M

    LED & Sunlight Combo Grow Of Think Different

    Hello, I've just gotten back from a year working in China and I intended to buy a mid range LED light ( reflector series) before I came home but at the last minute I was told that the lights were export only so if I wanted to buy them I'd have to pay to have them shipped. I got a bit angry at...
  18. SmokeyMcFly

    SmokeyMcFly's First Auto Grow - Soil - Kandy Kush - Haze - BlueBerry - LED Mars II

    Strains: I would like to grow out one each of these on this grow however the final pick is dependent on how they look at the beginning of flowering Kandy Kush Auto Haze Auto Blueberry Auto I have these beans to choose from for this grow: 2x White Widow Auto - Feminized 2x Auto Blueberry -...
  19. B

    Cheese Candy Auto 300 Watt LED Diamond Series 3x3 Tent

    What up I'm doing my first auto grow with one fem cheese candy auto flower from Delicious seeds. also i just invested in some new led's; a Diamond Series 300W, so it' l be a trail run for both auto and my led's :allgood: and im using nothing but Fox farm ocean forest and a peat moss pellet...
  20. Rukus

    Sweet Specials Auto and Big Devil Auto - 400W HPS - Soil

    Hello mates! This is my first and I hope not the last journal here. So here we go. 3 Seeds (2xsweet spec. and 1xbig devil) from Sweet Seeds was germinated @28th of Feb and buried in soil (60% soil+ 20% perlite+20% vermiculite) @1st of Mar. Light cycle was 18/6 at veg and 12/12 at bloom...
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