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So I was resistant to make a grow journal. I lurked near three months, watching others grow journals with extreme interest. The whole time I had firmly decided I was going to start a grow, but was not going to make a grow journal. Even now I know I have not logged very much, except in my mind. I was not off to the best start.

I had decided to make it a very simple grow. I am sure that's the story so many times. But I was going to go low key, home made grow box, and keep everything to a minimum. I even made the mistake of getting store soil. I did buy a Mars2Hydro 400W LED, as what I had read said the big two was genetics and light. I got that going, at least.

Well I guess its time to come clean as I am hoping to re-mediate the beautiful trouble I have started. Its not so bad as they are lost, its just I have been a little overzealous in my first attempt and need to intervene. Let me sum up.

Bucket Size - 2.5 gallon
Medium - 50% Promix Pro 25% perlite 25% vermiculite.
Light - Mars 2 Hydro 400W LED
Cycle - 18/6
Strain - Early Miss Auto Fem (CKS-from my local Hemp Shop)
# of Plants: 5

My grow box I was going to make a home made ex-large closet box at 5' high and 24 inches by 24 inches. Aside from the height, it was the same size as the tent I was comparatively shopping, but $90 cheaper. I could tape it up tight, it has a built-in support in the middle. I cut the front into doors, and then taped the edges so they overlap to form a sort of seal.

The first problem occurred after germinating all five seeds with 100% success. I realized immediately all five pots did not fit in my box. They would have except they were tilted and jammed badly. I had read in another grow journal a fellow planting two in one, as he would most likely have to pull the males once they flowered, or perhaps they would not sprout at all.

Well I was luckier than that. I have three in three pots, and two in one. I don't need a verbal lashing to know this trouble, as now I see it first hand. They are getting too large to share anything.

I have cut a four inch hold in the top left side of the box and positioned a High flow computer fan duct taped to the box, as per the pic I will upload. It seem to flow well. I wanted to use to make sure there was circulation. I duct taped another to the side, as space was limited, blowing down on the girls. Its not as strong, but circulates the air to keep the temp even throughout the box.

I have cut a four inch circular hole in the bottom right side, covered it with a screen and put a dryer looking cardboard cover over it to keep the light pollution to a minimum, while providing for intake of lower temp air down at the lower level.

Also my box has the temp gauge with Hydrometer at the bottom level, and rudimentary temp gauge at the top, to ensure the max temp of the box on the highest level. I have used a three function light, ph and moisture meter in the soil of one of the pots, that I thought would be more useful, although at this stage it is completely overgrown.

So here the thing. I planted the germinated seeds on Sept 30th. And they all sprouted 24 hours later, bless the CKS seed soul. So their first day is October 1. In the first two weeks, only water. I had read one of the biggest mistakes new growers had was overusing nutes. So I have held off on nutes until the start of week 3.

Nutes- I bought from a Canadian online distributor a General Organics Go Box, $46. I had also notice the smell was already starting, so purchased their 4" carbon filter. Which isn't 4 inches, just the opening is. I had hung the filter on my hanger bar, with a four inch dryer hose clamped and cut to form and attached it to a four inch port. Ideally it would draw the air, through the filter, and out. I have been having problems with low humidity, so I was unworried about venting into my small space. Humidity was about 30% and I sprayed them with mist twice daily to try and raise it and keep them from drying out.

On three weeks I began General Organics Go Box instructions for week one, watering the twice with week one nute instructions in week 3. Let me tell you, they have doubled in size. I realize now I will need to increase my space, or cull the herd, and the former is not an option I have.

Week four will start Thursday, and I am already thinking about what I can do to maintain this grow, and get the most out of this 'sticky' situation I find my self in. I post some pics of my grow box, the girls at three weeks, and the picture I just took of their increasing size and post them in the next post.
The Grow Box I made.
Should I reduce my number, as I clearly do not have enough space to finish all five? Three of the these have pre-flowers, two do not. And one the do nots shares a pot. If I choose to cull it, do I just cut it low, as to not disturb the other one that is doing well?

Also I have decided to buy a small more powerful AC fan to clip on the inside of the box. My USB powered PC fan is not pulling its weight, and I need more moving air for circulation, not to mentioned stem growth.

Am I off base here?

Its watering in the morning. They will get 1 litre each of the RO water, with full strength "Week 3" nutes from my General Organics Go Box. 5ml Bio Grow, 5ml Bio Weed, 5ml Bio Root, 5ml CalMag, and even the 5 of each Bio Marine and Diamond Black. Add that to a gallon and split the gallon between them. Has lasted for three days each water before the soil has been drying out.

Sprayed them again with spray bottle. Both to cleanse and increase humidity as its up to mid 30s, but still trying to bump it.

Two of these girls don't look like the other three. They have long slender leaves, while the other three have very broad leaves. Is it possible I have different strains in the same pack of seeds?
Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

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Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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