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  1. The Reach

    The Reach

    Silver Haze Auto week 6+
  2. Beauty in the bush

    Beauty in the bush

    Purple Lemonade auto week 6
  3. MightyMoe22

    2nd Run Ever: Cheese Auto & Cement Shoes Photo From Canuk Seeds, Join Me!

    So this will be my second time ever growing these awesome plants. My first round was a kushberry from dna genetics. I was in a 2x4x7 tent and vegged her for 62 days and flowered for 76. I used a 600w hps through veg then switched to a 1000w hps for flower. Grew her in dirt in a 7 gallon fabric...
  4. Early miss 3rd grow

    Early miss 3rd grow

    Sorry I haven't been around since my first grow this is my last early miss auto CK in soil with filpeblu's chart for nutes. I'm starting a 4 sour diesel run soon from RQS.
  5. Syko420

    Multi-Strain Grow

    Strain : Revolver Indica 70% sativa 20% Flowering time 7 weeks Indoor closet Soil grow Soil mix I'm using sunshine mix #4 Pot size is 2 5 liter, 2 3 liter and one 2 liter pot Mars eco 300 watt Fan
  6. Syko420

    My 1st Closet Grow Revolver Auto Flowers

    strain revolver auto flower indoor Soil pro-mix bx 8 in round 3L pots t5ho sunblaster 17 watt 6400k 18 inch light
  7. Hugedallasfan

    Week 3 Flowering

    This is week 3. She’s growing like a weed. She’s putting on those beautiful nugs and soon to be big buds. She’s an auto blueberry growing in coco with all natural ingredients.
  8. Swagymcfly88

    Swagymcfly's White Widow Auto Journal

    Hello to all I'm starting my first journal so all tip and pointers are more then welcome:p #of plants: 1 Breeder: crop king seeds Strain: white widow auto Indica/sativa: 60% indica 30% sativa 10% ruderalis Medium: 1/3 super soil and 2/3 promix Veg/flower: veg week 3 Lighting: 2000watt led...
  9. M

    Autoflower looks off, final stages of flowering. should I give nutes?

    hey everyone, back with another question this is my ak47 auto, was mostly under 18-6 life cycle but was in a room with a photo so it went to 12-12 about half way through, so not a whole lot of light, also the photo did take up more room than expected. this auto is well over 90 days, but as...
  10. B


    hi guys this is my third grow & my first auto flower grow Im using green posion xl auto from sweet seeds outdoors in balcony my growing soilless medium is coco, peat moss & perlite my container is 50 litre my question is whats the proportion per part of coco, peat moss & perlite? 50 litre...
  11. 20190124_172613.jpg


    I raised my autoflower about 4 inches off the ground and tied down both of my photoperiods in order to get maximum light to the flower sights
  12. 20190124_190850.jpg


    Another day 40 sshot of my auto thunder bloody
  13. 20190112_160500.jpg


    Bottom view of auto thunder bloody mary Day 26
  14. 20190108_152736.jpg


    Auto thunder bloody mary next to Critical + 2.0 Almost the same height in a smaller pot January 8 2019 Day 21 since sprouting and transplanting
  15. 20190108_154641.jpg


    Auto thunder bloody mary Another shot after LST January 8 2019 Day 21 since sprouting Day 1 of LST
  16. 20190108_154657.jpg


    Auto thunder bloody mary Finally tall enough to LST tied down main stock to even out the canopy January 8 2019 Day 21 since sprouting Day 1 of LST
  17. 20190105_184444.jpg


    Auto thunder bloody mary Side view January 5 2019 Day 18 since sprouting
  18. IMG_20190107_182430.jpg


    Auto thunder bloody mary Close top view January 7 2019 Day 20 since sprouting
  19. 20190107_183238.jpg


    Auto thunder bloody mary Top view January 7 2019 Day 20 since sprouting
  20. 20181229_164628.jpg


    Auto thunder bloody mary Side view December 29 2018 Day 11 from sprouting
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