bag weed unknown strain

  1. T

    Abandoned Bagseed Grow

    All 8 plants are mystery seeds! I have acquired them through bags. The bud that the seeds have come from is top shelf quality. Any help in distinguishing the strain would be incredibly helpful along this journey! I am thinking that they are Indica by the way they have started growing. The...
  2. steelcap956

    Unknown bag seed grow, LED, Day 6

    First hydroponic grow ever. ppm 415, pH 6.5, res temp 70. This is day 6 after first set of round leaves. Anything out of the ordinary that I should worry about please let me know. Thanks, Steelcap.
  3. M

    First Grow - Help - CFL Advice Needed!

    I just picked up 6 150w 6500Kelvin 2800Lumens CFL Daylight Soft white bulbs I also picked up 6 separate reflectors, and a power strip with a built in timer I will have a estimated space of 5foot Tall, 4Foot wide/deep. I would like a little input from experienced CFL growers as what to...
  4. S

    Completed First Grow - Random Seeds - CFL

    I decided it was time to finally stop, or at least slow the rate, of paying for bud so I grabbed 5 random seeds from my bag seed collection and germinated them mid-November (paper towel method). Plants: random bag seed from my collection Light: 125 watt 6500k CFL in a Fluorowing by Hydrofarm...
  5. H

    Hi! First time grower needs help please!

    Hi All, nice meeting you all and thankful that ive found such a great resource! Long story short (kinda)...was a medical card carrier from SF, CA who relocated to the burbs of NYC without any real reliable and consistent access so while at a friends house about a month ago getting medicated, i...
  6. A

    Anomalous Conical Leaf

    Hi Everyone, Does this mutation look familiar at all? Just noticed it a week into flowering. Strain is bag-seed, though likely the progeny of a Trainwreck or Jack Herer mother (known stash). Lived outside all its life, and during veg was supplemented with CFLs to equate 20hrs...
  7. R

    Abandoned Roodnewb's First Grow - Bubble Buckets - Bag Seed - Started In June

    Hello, In an effort to reduce our monthly costs incurred with regular purchases to assist with my wife's chronic pain, we decided to give growing a try. After reading several tutorials and making a trip to our local hydroponics store (very informative), we settled on a method the guy at the...
  8. D

    Abandoned Sweede1's Indoor Stealth Hydro First Time Bag Seed Grow Journal - 2012

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to my First time grow. A Little Backround I am very excited about this and have been reading many of the journals available at 420 Magazine. I am a complete newbie to growing but have been an avid smoker for 5 years now, and I am now thinking it is about time to grow...
  9. D

    6th week flower unknown bag seed weed

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