1. Pro Ganja

    Big Bud Automatic 100% Bio In Final Weeks

  2. DET—PDX

    Critical+ 2.0: Organic, Co2, Timber COBs

    Back again, transferred schools and moved out of Oregon, hence the hiatus. Anyway this is Dinafem’s critical + 2.0. Some brief tid bits about the set up: 5x5 Tent, 600w Timber RedWood COB LED 3000k for veg, adding 2 150w 1700k COB’s from Timber Grow lights in late veg thru flower. Evaporative...
  3. IMG_20180908_154124996.jpg


  4. S

    1st time grower - Please comment on setup

    This is my first time trying to grow any plants what-so-ever. I've done buckets of research but there is a lot of conflicting information. I have to the best of my ability setup a grow tent. I would appreciate any comments, tips, concerns. Tent dimensions: 32x32x64 grow tent Lighting: 2x...
  5. W


    I'm just starting my 1st grow in 25 years .Lots have changed ,hope to use 402 a big part of my research.
  6. spleef farmer

    Auto flowering grow

    Been growing Autos for a little over a year. So far so good. The medium is Soil (Happy Frog organic) and Fox Farm Grow Big for Veg and Big Bloom for flowers plus Cal Mag. Trying to bulk up yield and density of Buds. Autos start flowers inabout a month, very short veg. Being a non photoperiod...
  7. beez0404

    Foxfarm trio of nutrients - Do you use it in flower? If so what PPM's?

    I'm using the Foxfarm trio (Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom) and love it for vegging and the beginning of flowering. But as the plants get say 4-5 weeks into flowering I begin to have what I believe to be a deficiency. Looking at the Foxfarm soil feeding schedule in week 4 of flowering...
  8. K

    Switching bed time

    Hello I have one big plant growing in a box And i have a question. Im in the week 4 blooming 12h/12h Can i switch my lighting period? Light is running on 12h30 pm to 12h30 am I need the sleep time 6pm To 6 am What is the big deal to do this. And what can of risk i have To think about
  9. A

    Will this clone?

    Whilst walking home I saw a nice plant on a bank. I would have liked to pull the whole thing out but it was too big and people will see me carrying a big plant home lol. So I quickly broke off this part from the top and cut the fan leaves off and shortened the other leaves. I broke off an aloe...
  10. Ron Strider

    Marijuana Prices Are Plunging In Colorado, And That Could Be Bad News

    Few industries are growing as quickly and consistently as legal marijuana, which is a big reason investors haven't been able to get enough of marijuana stocks in recent years. According to investment firm Cowen & Co., the legal U.S. cannabis market is expected to reach $50 billion in annual...
  11. C


    When the seeds root do i start them off in a smaller cup and move them over to big pot or do i just start them in the big pot.
  12. croptopper11

    First try at DWC and indoor grow - Any suggestions advice help on leaf issue

    decided to give this indoor grow a try with dwc, ive grown outdoors for years but never paid close attention to detail,nothing like ive been doin since starting these young ladies. my leaves are looking a little funny. i did start noticing the curling of the leaves a few days after lowering the...
  13. B

    Newbee with a Tower Garden - When to go from starter tray to tower

    Hi everyone. I started my seeds in rock wool a week ago, but don't really know how big the should be before moving them to the tower garden...any advice?
  14. G

    Abandoned GreenIrish17's Critical Plus Indoor Soil

    Start Oct 17th 2017 Strain: Critical Plus Indica dominant hybrid (cross between Skunk and Big Bud) In the Flowering Stage Soil: Promix Pot: 3 gallon bucket Light: 1000w LED Room Temp: 78 F Humidity: 37% Soil pH: 6.5 H20 pH: 6.5 H20 w/ Nutes pH: 6.5 Nutes: Fox Farm- Grow Big, Tiger Bloom, Big...
  15. T

    Success in my garage right next to my car!

    I'm new to this, but I'd like to share my setup with you. It's taken me a while to get it right, but I'm getting some good results. I'm growing in two canvas grow tents in my garage. One is 2'x4'x5' for flowering and the other is 2'x2'x4' for vegetative growth. The big tent has a 600W LED and...
  16. M

    Brown leaf tips

    Hi I am a first time grower and not sure of somethings. I have 4 Early Miss growing in a 3x3 rent. The plants are 5 weeks from seed and I have been using fox farms grow big every 2nd watering and ff big bloom in very small amounts..1/4 tsp in per half gallon. The tips have been brown for a week...
  17. G

    Help with flowering

    I've started my 1st flowering cycle with 2 clones (2nd week of flowering )in soil (promix) and I'm using the foxfarm feeding schedule Week 5- OR--day 1 of 12/12-- 2 tsp Tiger Bloom +1TBS Big Bloom + 1/2 tsp Open Sesame Week 6--same as above Week 7-- 2 Tsp Grow Big + 2 tsp Tiger Bloom +1TBS Big...
  18. Ron Strider

    Many Lawmakers Are Letting Big Marijuana Follow In The Footsteps Of Big Pharma

    The news of former Rep. Tom Marino's (R-Pa.) complicity with the pharmaceutical industry amidst our Nation's addiction epidemic sent shockwaves across the country last week. It also torpedoed Marino's chances to become President Trump's first drug czar. People from both sides of the political...
  19. nobodyhere

    Completed HSO Dedoverde Haze Sativa In Small Tent Under COBs - Start At Day 65 Veg

    HSO Dedoverde Haze @ day 65-transplanting and new journal This is a HSO Dedoverde Haze plant I have been vegging (65 days)since waiting for my pineapple express to finish. It's supposed 80% Sativa. I FIM'ed it day 57 and plan on vegging for about 2-3 more weeks. I have had some yellowing lower...
  20. Ron Strider

    WA: Give Retail Marijuana Balanced Consideration

    Marijuana stores will eventually be in Snohomish. The question of how soon will be on the November ballot. Democracy is great, and if the majority of my neighbors feel uneasy about the stores, I'm OK with that. But I do think such fears are unreasonable. People like drugs. Almost everybody...
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